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Order a maid cleaning service from us - and you will not regret the invested money

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By Nadeem RasoolPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

Daily cleaning is a prerequisite for creating comfortable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing working or leisure conditions. Cleaning company SuperHause organizes for the customers a full range of maid services that fully meets the requirements and individual characteristics of the room. This is possible thanks to a free assessment of the condition by our managers. We maintain the company's reputation with our professional actions – our maids in Cologne (Putzfrau in Cologne) have the best equipment for polite, qualified, and good service.

Types of daily cleaning work

Daily cleaning in Berlin maid services covers the following elements:

  1. Floor treatment: wet cleaning of the floor and stairs, carpet treatment with a vacuum cleaner, stain removal, cleaning plinths.
  2. Processing of equipment from the maids: removal of dirt and dust from office equipment surfaces and treatment with antiseptic compounds.
  3. Furniture treatment: removal of dust, and also various pollution from open surfaces of furniture, wiping of metal, wooden details and elements from other materials, cleaning of decorative elements of an interior, cleaning of mirrors and windows, removal of local pollution of various complexity from leather upholstery and other upholstered furniture.

Garbage removal by the maids in Berlin (Putzfrau in Berlin): removal and removal of garbage from ballot boxes, shredders, ashtrays in the established places, insertion of clean plastic bags in urns and garbage cans.

  1. Ceilings washing: removal of dust from a roof, eaves, fixtures processing of windows, cleaning of windows from the inside, removing dust and pollution from window sills, frames, and radiators of heating.
  2. Disinfection and cleaning of bathrooms: wet cleaning of the floor, cleaning of mirrors and glass, cleaning of walls around toilets, urinals, sinks, urns and accessories, disinfection and cleaning of all plumbing with our maid services in Berlin, wiping door frames and windows grates, filling dispensers with toilet paper, paper towels and liquid soap (if necessary).
  3. Treatment of walls, doors, partitions: removal of local contaminants from walls and partitions, cleaning of metal, wooden, and other surfaces, cleaning of door blocks, processing and wiping of signs, wiping of switches and sockets.

And no decor and a stylistic solution will save your apartment, if the tables have stains from dirty cups and there is no clean chair - slovenliness can spoil the whole impression and atmosphere. To solve this problem once and for all, we recommend choosing professional maid services in Berlin from SuperHause. You will receive high-quality and professionally executed work that will leave indifferent neither your family nor your guests.


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