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One Million Reads On Vocal, 5 Lessons I have Learned

by Aamir Kamal about a year ago in advice
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Sharing my struggle to get over a million reads on Vocal and making over $6,000 in one and a half years.

One Million reads on Vocal / Screenshot taken by the author

You might have seen that Ad from Vocal, "Join Vocal and make $6,000 a month," while it will take me over a year to get to the $6,000 mark or one million reads. First, we all should be grateful for whatever we have. Writing is compelling, and especially when you are writing over 5,000 words a day, it could help you build an empire.

When I joined Vocal, I never thought that I would make $1k a month, but if you are a bit consistent and learn some marketing, you too can do that. I started my blog with a free Blogger Blogspot blog, working very hard to make some pennies. The problem with the Blogspot blog was that no matter how hard I tried, no views were coming from the search engine because of the Blogspot low SEO. But, I worked hard, and when I made enough money to get a domain and hosting for over $120, that was my first purchase on the Internet.

I have no formal computer education neither I have a laptop or a computer till college. Thanks to my brother who gave me a Laptop, and there was free Internet in my college. That helped me a lot.

Achieving 1 million reads is a bit hard and you need to put more work. Here are some lessons I have learned and a guide for those who want to get more readership to their stories. 1 Million reads are something on Vocal that very few writers have achieved and I am glad that I am one of them. I have actually recorded an Interview with Jonathan Sim: How Jonathan Sim Made Over $8000 Writing and Publishing Stories.

Here are the five lessons I have learned while being on Vocal for about one and a half years.

Lesson#1: There are two types of writers:

On Vocal and Medium, there are two types of writers; writers who write to express their feeling, thoughts and share opinions about things, and the second type of writers are the ones who also share their feeling, thoughts, and do research about different topics and combining them with some SEO.

Do you know who makes money between these two types of writers? The writers who know about SEO and marketing.

Lesson#2: Write every day and consistently:

Consistency is the key to everything. If you show up everything and do something that helps you in the long term, indeed, it will help you and your hard work bear fruit.

Also, if you understand SEO and could write search engine optimized articles every day, the chances will be high that you will make more money in the long term.

Lesson#3: Don't write about a single niche:

Oh, I was the one who was a firm believer in writing about a single niche or topic, but in recent times I have learned this lesson and this really helped me regarding my readership. You write about anything and everything.

Don't limit yourself to one topic as someday you will be motivated to write but will have nothing to write about, or you might think,"who will read this story?"

lesson#4: Learn SEO and digital marketing:

When I joined Vocal, I knew that the platform itself has no built-in audience (I wish it has), so I try to focus on my skill set, writing more search engine optimized articles. You too, can learn SEO and write articles on Vocal that could help you get more readership from the search engines. There are great benefits of writing search engine optimized blog posts, and one of the benefits is that "You will get readerships organically" which translates Vocal into a more passive income stream. I wish the platform exist for years to come.

I have a very detailed guide about Vocal SEO: How to rank your Vocal articles in Google search? which could help you with my point of view about publishing stories on Vocal that rank on the search engines.

Lesson#5: Don't lose hope if something isn't working:

Majority of my stories that I spend good time end up making my cents. This isn't something I want but through my Vocal journey of over eighteen months, I have come to know that not everything you write is going to be ranked on search engines. I believe with time, Vocal SEO will be better with time and this will ultimately help writers getting easily ranked for competitive keywords.

I hope these lessons could help you be a better and more effective writer.

Now, the time has been changed and people no longer need to have their blog set up in order to make money through their writings. You just have to sign-up like any social media on these writing platforms like Vocal Media, Medium, Hubpages, Quora, and Newsbreak, and boom, you are making money.

Writing is always been a very powerful way of communicating and you can share your learnings and thoughts with the world.


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