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Once Upon A Thanksgiving

A Memory

By Real PoeticPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
Once Upon A Thanksgiving
Photo by Europeana on Unsplash

Once upon a November…

“Bring your tail back over here, so I can put some greens on that plate,” my grandmother said to me.

I didn’t like collard greens when I was a child, but that wouldn’t stop her from putting it on my plate. It didn’t bother me at all. I just ate my food in another room and put the greens in the trash can. The sound that the fork would make scraping against the plate still haunts me today.

“It’s good for you,” she said.

They didn’t taste too well, so I passed on them. I figured that if she liked them so much, then I should save the rest for her. I was too busy waiting for the oven timer to go off. If I wasn’t paying attention like a hawk scouting its prey, there was a decent chance that I could miss out on some of my favorite Thanksgiving foods.

That sound was like the gun shot at the start of a track race. Everyone was ready to dig in!

Baked macaroni and cheese came out of the oven cooked to perfection. Family members were flying through the side door with dishes in their hands. Adults were tasting the food and trying to converse at the same time.

By Ja San Miguel on Unsplash

When my belly was full, I played the trumpet alongside my brother who was playing the saxophone. At this time, we weren’t terrible, but we weren’t great. Once we finished performing “Hot Cross Buns” and other typical beginner friendly songs, we couldn’t wait to go downstairs to play school with our cousins; I was usually the teacher, and they were usually the students.

I loved to be in charge and watch as they learned something I had taught them. I was convinced that I was going to be a teacher one day back then. Sometimes I still want to…

Anyways, life was good.

We would freshen up on our reading and writing skills before rehearsing for our Thanksgiving play. Every year we had to perform the same lines, and every year our parents would cry and shout hooray.

Everyone gathered in the living room would say something that they were appreciative about after our Oscar winning performance. I always said I was grateful for my Mom. She had been through so much, and I really wanted her to know that I saw every sacrifice.

Just before dark, my siblings and I headed out to our paternal grandparent’s home to celebrate with them. There weren’t any organized activities or lots of people, but it was special. They were much quieter people. I enjoyed the silence. It was exactly what I needed to decompress myself from the long day I had putting on a show.

We were never there for more than two hours, but we always went and left feeling loved. I looked forward to their hugs. It was better than drugs.

On the drive back home, we didn’t listen to music. Having quiet time before walking back into a house full of people was very much necessary.

The party at our house never had an end time. I remember family members sticking around until early the next morning, even though the Thanksgiving dinner party began at three in the afternoon. Some stayed for Black Friday shopping and others just were too messed up to drive home. I realized while I was writing this memory that they didn’t have much of a choice.

I didn’t go to sleep until everyone was gone, because I’m a very light sleeper. Instead, I played card games with my family that hadn’t already blacked out or gone to bed. It was a blast, especially when I won.

Every time I smell turkey, gravy, and collard greens, I think of a time that I’ll never get back, but it lives forever in my heart. That was a very different time…

*Author’s note: This was written for Mother’s “Thanksgiving Memories” Challenge.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

🧡 R.P.

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  • Grz Colm3 months ago

    Congrats on placing in M Combs’ challenge. I loved the picture of you playing trumpet and hot cross buns with your family members.. I feel like my family is in a bit of a disarray at the moment, but the memories are still special! Bless you! ☺️

  • Such great memories. It brings back memories of my own childhood Thanksgivings. Oh, to go back and experience those days again!

  • Rene Peters3 months ago

    Beautiful memories!

  • Dana Crandell3 months ago

    Lots of little memories tweaked while reading this one. And now I've got a hankering for some collard greens. We have a recipe...

  • Tiffany Gordon 3 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this piece! Thx for sharing your fun Turkey day memories with us!"

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    Beautiful memories, and beautifully told. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • The Dani Writer3 months ago

    Such vivid and memorable moments recounted with smoothness and ease of sweet birdsong--loved listening. I could hear, see, smell, taste, and feel everything. Understanding here runs deep. Thank you so much for sharing 💛

  • Mother Combs3 months ago

    This is great, Poetic! Thank you for sharing your memory with us.

  • Awww, this was such a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  • Mariann Carroll3 months ago

    This was nice, it brought back my on childhood memory. I love how you introduce the grand entry of the Turkey. Everyone awaits for the oven door to finally open for the star of the Thanksgiving Dinner. My grandma had us eat dinner in front of them so we had to it our greens, which I am truly grateful for. I hope you started your own Thanksgiving Tradition Dinner. 💗

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