Nice One

A Thank You To All Essential Workers.

Nice One

I know it’s another piece about Covid-19, and I’m sure you’re sick of them. I know I would like to read about something else. But this one isn’t about lockdown, it isn’t about death rates. And it’s not about washing your hands. This is a letter of appreciation.

 The world is in a very weird place right now. Nobody knows what’s happening or what’s going to happen. Most of us are in the same boat, confused and a little worried. And some people are really milking this, they’re profiting from our panic. And that’s one of the worst possible things you can do. They’re buying (or stealing) all the supplies to sell them for a huge profit. They’re taking advantage of vulnerable people who can’t get these things in bulk like many people can. People who are elderly and can’t get out so much, the disabled community and those with lower incomes.

They’re all being worked over by these criminals. And I know buying something to sell for a profit isn’t technically a crime, but it should be made one during times like this. People are even going as far as robbing those who are trying to end this. NHS workers in the UK have had people trying to steal their badges. So they can impersonate them and visit their sick loved ones? No, because a lot of places are offering free food and drink to NHS staff, that’s why. They are robbing people for a coffee or a curry. 

But to hell with them, they’re dirt, they’re evil garbage scum who should be arrested. This is for those who are doing some good. 

This goes out to the NHS workers, every single one of them. The ones who worked an insanely long shift and went to the supermarket to get dinner. But when they got there, the shelves were empty. There was no toilet roll, no tinned food, and no alcohol to take the edge off. I want to thank you, I really do. Thank you for not giving up, thank you for taking a deep breath and carrying on. Thank you for not jacking it all in because of the selfishness of a greedy few. Thank you. 

I want to thank the supermarket staff. You are the unsung heroes of all of this. You truly are. You’re not only putting up with the verbal abuse from half wits. You’re putting your safety on the line so that other people can buy what they need. And you might feel like it’s a thankless job, but I thank you. And I know a lot of other people do too. 

Care workers, you’re out there every day helping the vulnerable. You’re taking extra precautions, you’re checking on them to make sure they’re safe. You’re out there all day or all night. Taking care of person after person. And you must be so tired, but you’re still fighting for the people you care for. If you don’t, who will? Thank you. 

To the police officers doing the rounds, checking for gatherings of people. Thank You. I know this isn’t what you signed up for; you signed up to fight crime and catch bad guys. But you can’t catch this bad guy, you just have to make sure everyone stays 2 metres away from it. 

The Volunteers, whether you’re official or not, you deserve to be thanked. Even if you’re checking on your older next-door neighbour, thank you. People like you who are doing kind things in a cruel world are making it a little better every day. 

To the independent grocery stores, I’m sorry I didn’t visit you enough before. I’m sorry I only turned to you when times were tough. When this is all over, you won’t be able to keep me away. The same goes for all independent shops. I know the government is going to look after the big guys, but you’ll have a lot of people like me on your side. Thank you. 

Postal workers and delivery drivers. I’m thanking you for never stopping. Even though people are buying non-essential things, you’re still delivering them. Please stay safe and remember there are people who appreciate you. 

To the other people who are keeping every country around the world running, thank you. The people who have still had to go to work and are risking their safety so that people can lockdown in luxury, I appreciate it. Nice one. 

Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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