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Network Marketing 101

by Aliza Miller 3 years ago in advice
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It's not as hard, or easy as you may think.

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Throughout life, we are always told what to do. There is a certain progression to life, and we are pressured, socially and possibly physically, to follow it. This unseen pressure forces many a child to pursue dreams that may not be their own. The progression states, graduate high school, go to the most expensive college and get the hardest degree possible, find a job with that degree (given that there is one), slave away at a nine to five job, get married and have kids, work until you are 65, then retire. At each of these different stages in your life, there is always someone there to guide you and create an unspoken set of rules that you have to abide by. Much of the time, there is no room for you to really go out, travel, experience the world, or learn about different cultures through direct contact. That is, unless we break this norm. Network marketing is a type of business that most people consider "unconventional." From what I have noticed and experienced, network marketing representatives receive the cold shoulder, and the stereotype of being overly obnoxious and presumptuous. Now, I must agree that some people take it too far, and do meet that standard, but most know how to brand and make the most of it. I am here to tell you what are all the things you need to be prepared for when you start a network marketing job.

The Bad Side

People WILL ignore you. The very first thing that I learned through working as a marketing partner is that you are considered just another salesperson by a lot of people. You have to learn to not let it get to you, and find the right way to approach people. When I first started out as a market partner, I had no notion as to what was the right way to approach people to really pique their interest, so I went about it all wrong. I ended up writing this huge paragraph to a bunch of my friends, who ended up ignoring me. This method was ineffective, and it created a sense that I was just another annoying salesperson.

Getting ignored when you reach out to someone about a product or idea that is close to your heart hurts, and the rejection is something that is hard to deal with. Take that from someone who experienced it firsthand almost everyday for months—keeping your head up through rejection is difficult. It makes one feel as if they are doing something wrong, as if everyone thinks of them as some desperate stay at home nobody who is trying to take the easy road. Let me tell you, this is not the case. Network marketing is hard work in a non-traditional way. You have to constantly push to create amazing content and show the world you are truly invested in what you sell.

The way I found to counter this rejection is by pushing through. The more people you talk to, the more answers you will get. Through statistics alone, the more people you reach out to, the more will answer. Even if that answer is not something you want to hear, it is an answer. A no now does not mean a no in six months or a year. Getting an answer is better than being completely ignored.

When you first start out, you may not get results right away. There are always people who will be doing better than you, and you have to push and strive to become just as successful as them. In a good network marketing company, you should have the ability to achieve just as much success as the next person. This structure is called multi-level marketing, and it pushes each partner to become as successful as possible.

The Good Side

While the bad sides of network marketing may seem daunting, the good overshadows the bad by a significant margin. Why do you think network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century? There are so many beneficial aspects to network marketing. More and more people are choosing to quit their nine to five jobs to pick up an alternative income stream. I know an exorbitant number of people who are making enough money in the network marketing industry to support themselves lavishly. Even just as a side hustle, network marketing is beneficial.

One of the main benefits of network marketing is the freedom that it provides. You have a mentor who is looking out for you and training you along the way, but there is no boss you have to answer to 24/7, and no strict nine to five work day. With online network marketing, you can work whenever, and wherever you choose. This is a huge benefit for so many people, as there are so many restrictions to that work structure. You can work from a cafe, your bed, a bus, the library—you name it and you can work there. This is a huge advantage for many people, but you have to make sure there is still a work-life balance between the two. If you want to go grocery shopping at 11 o'clock on a Tuesday morning, by God you can. You have time to take your dog to the vet in the middle of the school day, and pick up your kids right when they get out of school.

One thing I noticed when working network marketing, is that the people who are uber successful and have created a functioning business are often the kindest people in the world. They understand what it is like to be put down and go through that rejection, and be forced into the traditional mold of schooling. They have chosen to take the non-traditional path, and have pushed through to become successful in their chosen career. They support and help you through that initial time, and help you to become the best network marketing employee possible. They not only help you in your business ventures, but I have found that those who truly do it right make a personal connection and help you out in personal life as well. I have made some of my best friends in the world through network marketing, and strive to keep creating those connections. They pick you up when you are down, and when you are successful and make a sale, they are right there next to you supporting you the whole time.

Network marketing is a lucrative and non-traditional path to take, but one that can be extraordinarily beneficial. You can make new friends and connections, create another stream of income, and have that freedom you crave. While there are ups and downs to network marketing, as with any career, it is one that should not be discounted or considered the "easy way out." It can only be beneficial in the long run, and a good experience for anyone who wants to get involved.


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