My YouTube Life

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So Far...

My YouTube Life

This year, I decided that I would start a YouTube channel again. After spending hours upon hours of watching people, I talked to those closest to me. They all encouraged me and said I would be great it so I got started. Little did I know what was coming.

Chapter 1: Planning, Scheduling, and Materials

To start I needed a game plan so I took out a notepad and wrote everything I wanted to do. No matter how big or small I just wanted to see it all on paper so I could make a schedule. Now to make a schedule was crazy for me. I didn't have a planner, so I drew on my notepad a bunch of grids to represent months. After numbering and labeling this makeshift planner, it was time to make my upload schedule based on what I wanted to accomplish.

So here is the hardest part of this entire process: looking at what I wanted to do and deciding what I can do. I have big dreams and big goals so I had to look at this list and get rid of things that were too big to chew. Once video topics/ideas were chosen I needed to put them in the schedule. It came down to a daily vlog posted daily at 7 AM and something fun on Monday and Fridays at 8 AM. Based on the few materials I had, a camera, my phone, and ideas swirling, this would be a mission I wanted to succeed at.

Chapter 2: Film, Edit, Upload

With most everything ready, I needed scripts and editing software. I started with my daily vlogs since they would be my everyday life and asked my friend, Evan, to help me with the software. To get me the software, he needed to do a bunch of tech stuff I don't fully understand but it took him about a week after I started filming to get me the software and help me set it up.

"What would I do now? I am a week behind." But I was determined this time to succeed so I adjusted the schedule, edited what I had, and uploaded the vlog I made last week. This was great. I was freaking out for nothing because now I had a week to edit each vlog before uploading and with that free time I could write scripts for skits, plan out topics for a series I wanted to do, and I could get a microphone for my end cards. I was doing so well and then I realized, summer was ending.

Chapter 3: Juggling School, Work, and Videos

When I started filming I was working and making videos, easy. Now in less than a week I would be starting my junior year in college, working part-time on campus, and trying to accomplish my goal of being on YouTube. I panicked and stressed but realized I didn't know the homework I would be getting or my future work schedule so how would I know I couldn't do all three?

After some time I got used to doing a lot in one day. I would stay after class to do some homework so when I got home I could focus on my videos and work was in between all of it. That didn't last long. Soon I was drawing something new each week, studying for my history class, working in two other art studio classes, revising various assignments, working, and filming. I also was trying to slip in an occasional social gathering as a break. I was over processing so much that I began to get acne again. At that point, I realized I needed to plan more or do less—too bad I'm not in the habit of giving up.

Chapter 4: What I Learned

Eventually, I got it figured out but now there was a new problem. I had been getting a little depressed again without realizing it and when looking at my channel, I saw nothing. I wasn't getting views, likes, subscriptions, comments, dislikes—complete nothing. I had to think, "Is this what you want? Do you want to continue? Why are you here?" I knew my videos may not have been great but I was having fun, uploading regularly, and while I wanted to be popular, I decided I was doing this for me. Yes, I still hope for likes and such but I just want my face out there so maybe in the future my family can look back and see how hard I was working.

I stopped doing skits as much because I ran out of ideas but once I have more you better believe I will post them. And I made it through my first term back so I can definitely make it through more. Lastly, I still post daily, even if it isn't at 7 am, and have been thinking of more stuff I want to do.

So the lesson here is don't give up, work hard, and follow your heart because as long as you're happy, it doesn't matter what the world thinks.

Keep going.

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