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Must-Follow Strategies in Your eCommerce Store for a Better Black Friday Season

by Balaji Venkatesan 2 years ago in advice
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Pointers for the perfect Black Friday sale

Black Friday Seasonal Deals

Is your eCommerce store ready for the Black Friday sale? Are your plans in place for the best sale of the year? Well, if you are planning to get the biggest spike in terms of revenue and sale then this blog is for you. Learn the intricacies and secrets that can help you in gaining an edge over your competitors in the eCommerce space.

Make note, Black Friday is expected to be the largest sale of this year and experts have predicted a huge online shopping spree due to the pandemic. This blog will give you the most vital information required for preparing your eCommerce store in the best possible way. After much detailed analysis, we are providing you with the information that can change your eCommerce operations for the Black Friday season.

Better to be prepared for Black Friday

Identify your audience requirement, that is the first step for success. And to do that, you need to follow your store visitors purchase pattern closely for the recent months. Based on that, you can optimize your eCommerce store for better Black Friday sales. Make changes and tweak your website with banners and slogans that express the amount every single purchaser will save. Kindle a sense of satisfaction and urgency simultaneously.

The below tips are effective and have given exceptional results. Make use of them in the correct way and you will be astonished.

What you see is what matters

The underlying and the most pivotal point in bettering your eCommerce store deals is choosing the right product and discount you offer in your store. Altogether plan out your business course and distinguish the defects in it. Offering great deals with the perfect discount plugin isn't sufficient but how you let the customers know about it matters a lot.

Deliver the message of your eCommerce store discount right across. Make no mistake, the deals you are offering must be attractive and eye-catching when a potential customer enters your store. Sales badges, banner images, pop-ups, simple taglines about the sale, and anything that you can think of.

If done correctly, the right message will spread like wildfire in no time. Remember, word of mouth marketing, well, with the right message and perfect discount deals, you will not believe the results it brings. Clearly let the customers know how much they will be saving by making the purchase on the Black Friday sale, that to show buyers the difference in discount you are offering when compared with other eCommerce stores.

Make sure the deals you are offering and displaying are worthy to the customer. Use creative methods to provide and apply discounts to your store’s products to make a change in the customer’s purchase.

Shoot for Perfection - Optimized eCommerce store

Make the changes and equip your eCommerce store to handle the huge traffic on the Black Friday season. It will not only be useful on a Black Friday sale, but also for the future. Optimize your website loading time, product loading time, update high-quality images, provide clear and crisp product descriptions, and most importantly never allow the page loading cursor to appear for more than a few milli-seconds.

The preparation phase involves a crucial part, optimizing your website to handle the traffic on that particular day. Get your website prepared for a potential ambush from online customers.

Look out for the following points in your eCommerce store website;

  • Portable device friendly
  • Efficiency in handling a spike in traffic
  • User-Friendly
  • Simple Navigation within the website
  • A detailed description of products on sale
  • Simple checkout page

Also, some eCommerce stores tend to do things a little bit extra, like providing customers with too many options to choose from. Give them what is required and they will be more than happy to continue their shopping with you. Simple checkout page, clear yet informative product descriptions and the best images of the product.

Make your eCommerce store website potable device friendly, not only mobile but also tabs and other portable devices. A recent survey indicates that the number of internet users on mobile devices is increasing constantly. You should be expecting more traffic for mobile devices and if your eCommerce store is not optimized to a mobile device then it will be a big blow in sales revenue.

Just like a retail outlet, your eCommerce store must be simple and easy to navigate. Like employees and boards in retail stores, eCommerce should have the perfect UI. Make your eCommerce store simple and optimize for the best experience that can be ever provided.

Perfect Pop-Ups

If there is one thing that stood the test of time in digital space, then it is pop-ups. Without a doubt, they can instantly grab the audience’s attention. Deliver timely pop-ups with the perfect plugin to reach the right audience—an ideal pop-up plugin for your eCommerce store. Including the perfect message about the Black Friday sale, a crisp and clear message will make the potential customer check out your eCommerce store.

The reason for pop-ups to be more effective is that they deliver the message across without spending too much time for the visitor. A pop-up with a simple and clear message can cause ripples in the Black Friday sale. For example, when a potential customer is visiting your store a couple of hours before the commencement of the Black Friday sale. A pop-up before the potential buyer is delivering the discount message about to be started in a couple of hours. The customer will wait a couple of hours and will purchase multiple products to make the best of the discount. With the pop-up, you allow customers to make more purchases. Never underestimate the potential of a pop-up in your eCommerce store.

Present a perfect pop-up with the right messages at the right time; you will be amazed by the results. Make use of the resources you have to increase your Black Friday sales by many folds. Use the correct pop-up format and a simple personalized message; it can bring in more customers.

Look out for your Inventory

What will happen if you are not able to deliver the product after the order is placed? It will cause chaos and loyal customers will start to question your store’s credibility. Keep your inventory updated, never display products in your eCommerce store that are not a part of your inventory. That too, imagining the situation, when your inventory runs out on a Black Friday sale, it will be a nightmare in customer service.

When you start to run low on a particular product, then make a note of it and display the remaining stock of the product in the store. This will not only increase your store credibility but also will create a sense of urgency among potential customers. Update the solution you are using to keep track of the inventory and ensure that you are well equipped to deal with the demand. All your efforts building up to the most massive sale of the year will go in vain if there are no products to sell.


Customize your email with a touch of personalization to thank your loyal customers. Black Friday is around the corner and with the right preparation, you can intensify your revenue. Better be prepared for it; equip your eCommerce store with the right tools for increasing your sale. Customize and optimize your eCommerce store for delivering the best deals and increasing sales. Make a note of the things needed to be done before the first light of Black Friday reaches you.


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