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Models of Offshore Collaboration for the Development of Odoo

Introduction to Odoo offshore software development

By Apagen SolutionsPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Technological developments and the best way organizations operated strengthened most companies' conviction that nearly everything can be outsourced. In the US, approximately 300,000 jobs are outsourced each year for software development.

According to Statista, the worldwide offshore software outsourcing market will surpass $400 billion within the next 4 years. Comparatively, the offshore software outsourcing market did not even reach $100 billion two years ago in 2019. Thus, the present and potential development is astonishing! In this article, we'll concentrate on the IT industry and evaluate all elements of offshore software development services, as well as the methods to establish a relationship together with your potential software development partners.

Typically, you may hear two phrases when it offers with hiring software solutions specialists: software outsourcing and offshore software development. These phrases are sometimes used interchangeably and are therefore often assumed to suggest the identical thing. So, what's the difference?

  • Sometimes, you don't need to go far to achieve out to an outsourcing firm. For instance, in a situation where you should hire Odoo developers for a selected task, you are able to do so by just visiting an workplace right around the corner or in the same constructing where your workplace is situated. However, when Odoo development services are merely not obtainable due to the lack of specialists, you might must approach an offshore software development company. You might find the required specialists next door or abroad - each situations will still be considered software outsourcing.
  • Offshore software development is much different. To fulfill your software outsourcing needs, you could have to hire specialists from a special nation that has a completely different taxation system. You might have to pay your hired specialists at hourly basis. Your country of choice most probably boasts a high level of IT expertise and a large pool of extremely skilled professionals. Or conversely, your offshore software development company of choice - somebody you wish to exclusively partner up with - simply happens to be abroad.

You can hire a dedicated Odoo ERP development team or a group of specialists who will be just right for you as a part of a Staff Augmentation association. In the previous case, the specialists will probably be managed by your outsourcing accomplice. In the latter state of affairs, the specialists will be part of your present group. Both the engagement models are utilized by each outsourcing corporations and offshore software development corporations.

Finding an offshore customized software development company that fits your enterprise' needs, lives up to your expectations, and shares your vision requires an immense quantity of time and effort. We will break down the most important things that you need to know, offer our personal insights and suggestions, share our sensible experience, and analyze the present hourly rates for specialists in several countries. If you want to improve your R&D capabilities with an offshore development team from the other side of the world, learn on to learn the way to try this the best way!

Essentially, there are two financial models you'll be able to employ for the aim of cooperation that embrace the next most common scenarios:

Time and Material (T&M)

This model is the most appropriate for these circumstances when the direction, funds, and scope of the project may change through the development process. Based on our expertise at the SPD Group, we advocate utilizing this method for most of the tasks we tackle. It works perfectly for building a dedicated staff.

Fixed Price

If you've a small-to-medium project with clear requirements and a fixed price range, you may want to take this approach via the T&M model. Be aware that this model isn't versatile. It will not work with any vital modifications through the product development process.

It is necessary to understand that after selecting the suitable financial model, you possibly can choose one of many existing engagement models. At Apagen Solutions, we provide the following:

Managed product model

This engagement model is tailor-made to perform enterprise objectives with a strict budget and timeline. You will get a complete product right on schedule, transparency throughout every section of the development cycle, and detailed experiences on the progress. Our group will probably be liable for your project from the preliminary concept to its last release.

The fundamental project group composition can include:

  • An Odoo Business Analyst
  • Odoo Project Manager
  • Odoo Solution Architect
  • Odoo Technical Lead or Consultant
  • Senior Odoo Developer
  • Junior Odoo Developer

Managed Service or Dedicated Team Model

This engagement model is suitable when mixed with the T&M financial model. It is nice for tasks where the flexibility to regulate to new requirements is essential. You shall be provided a scalable offshore group with the choice of shared-decision making. Typically, there shall be a supervisor and a group of dedicated specialists required to do the job.

Managed or Extended Team Model

When you have already got a team of specialists and need to boost your efficiency, it's possible you'll merely add the required remote professionals to your project and manage them out of your end. With this method, you'll lower your costs considerably and encourage your existing team to work at a greater pace.


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