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MLM Business Plans in Network Marketing - A Case Study

by ARM MLM SOFTWARE 10 months ago in business

Network marketing, also known as multi level marketing has grown into a $1 billion global revenue industry over the past two decades. What started out as a great marketing idea has become a marketing strategy, now leading hundreds and thousands of businesses around the world to their sales, revenue, and reach. Here is a look at key projects in the MLM industry.

Binary MLM Compensation Plan

It is one of the most popular MLM projects in the industry today and follows a two-legged framework. Downline members will join right foot or left foot depending on vacancy and upline preference. The binary tree structure of this project that offers the same benefits to both legs as it continues to grow.

An unlimited number of members can join this organization as its tree-based marketing system continues to grow as more and more members join. It is a growth based multilevel marketing model followed by most of the MLM companies over the world.

Matrix MLM Compensation Plans

Also known as the Ladder Plan or the Forced Matrix Plan, it has a fixed width and depth matrix for the downline structure. In this program, only a limited number of members can be created on the broad front.

The Matrix MLM project is based on the best-selling upline from the bottom, and the rotation continues in a linear but staggered form, which is horizontal and vertically infinite. The network chain can be diversified through offline to improve profits, and bonus levels can be added to attract customers, downline members and revenue.

Unilevel MLM compensation plan

Considered to be the most basic MLM project, it allows its users to bring as many affiliates to the front line as they want. Members have direct and full control over their distributors without the control of upline management.

MLM companies choose this program to attract subsidiaries who want to have full control over their downline or distributors. Once the depth of the first line has reached a certain level MLM companies can make this plan attractive by offering offers, rewards and other types of bonuses.

Emgoldex MLM Plan

This is a marketing oriented MLM project where the potential for increasing sales volume and offers depends on how active the downline members are. Both downline members need to be active to ensure that sponsors, as well as downline members, enjoy more benefits such as bonuses and benefits. It serves as an incentive for all parties involved to increase their sales volume and stay active.

The role of sponsors here plays an important role in ensuring that downstream members are motivated and not only active but also gradually increase the volume of their sales figures.

MLM Generation Compensation plan

The built-in plan is also known as the gap commission plan or re-purchase plan in the MLM field. Members who join this program have to sell products to get higher commissions and offers. Companies that make consumer products often choose this program because it is the most functional and produces results.

The more members sell, the more they earn, and this helps the company help each other. Marketing for this project is personalized and word-of-mouth based, one of the most influential forms of marketing to date.

Party MLM Compensation Scheme

This is a unique MLM project among all other methods, where product sales, approval, promotion and marketing are done through a social event. The host organizes a social event, a party or a gathering created by friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and social networks and other sites, and invites them to the sales and promotion venue.

This is a simple and straightforward method in which the host regularly organizes social events to showcase products and sell them to guests. It has a limit in terms of range, but it is very result-based.

In short, creating and running a network marketing business can be very exciting and profitable. But it is highly advisable to focus on choosing the right plan from the many limitations of MLM business plans in the network.



ARM MLM software plays a key role in the success of any network marketing or direct sales business. Our most powerful solution can cater to all types of MLM plans and is fully responsive to various screens offering the best user experience.

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