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Mistakes You Must Avoid to Prevent Being Denied Workers' Compensation

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By Mohit MalikPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Injuries at work are common and every year thousands of workers in Oakland and other places in the United States suffer injury at work. The workers’ compensation system is there to take care of your injuries. While no insurance can fully compensate you for the losses you suffer, they would at least take care of your financial hardships in the aftermath of an injury. But if you ask a frank opinion from workers compensation attorney in Oakland, they’d tell you that many workers ruin their prospects of being compensated by walking the wrong course after they suffer an injury and live with that regret. So, what are these mistakes? Let’s find out.

Not reporting about the injury

This is by far the most common mistake that denies compensation to thousands of workers. Not all injuries appear serious and hence there are workers who often avoid reporting an injury to their employer. Beyond the broken bones and deep cuts there are injuries that develop over time such as stress injuries or those resulting from inhaling toxic fumes on a regular basis. Irrespective of the assumed seriousness of the injury or illness you should always report them to your employer. Remember there is a time limit for reporting your injuries and you need to strictly adhere to it to get compensated.

Not documenting accident or keeping medical records

It can be difficult to recall all the events in the aftermath of an accident as you are often in a state of trauma. But such is the legal system that different aspects and events leading to your injury would be reviewed by the insurer and even the judiciary in case the case goes to trial. These events start to fade away from your memory as time passes. Thus, it becomes important for you to document all the details of the accident and also try and identify all the eyewitnesses. Similarly, you need to collect all copies of your medical records, bills and prescriptions. This will help you challenge the insurer if the need arises.

Not hiring an attorney

If you are looking to claim your compensation without hiring a Oakland Workers Compensation lawyer, there are zillions of videos, articles and blogs you’d come across on the Internet. At first glimpse all of those look encouraging as they promise you savings on your final compensation. What these articles don’t tell you is the success rate of injured workers not being represented by an attorney. Attorneys do more than handling the paperwork for you as they have in-depth knowledge of the workers’ compensation system and save you from being taken on a ride by your employer or their insurer. You should waste no time in gathering these evidences as delays can lead to loss of important documentary evidences.

Not following medical advice

The very purpose of workers’ compensation benefits is to offer you the financial cushion as you recover from an injury or to compensate in case of permanent disability. You will need to follow your doctor’s advice for a positive outcome and quicker recovery. If you don’t follow the medical advice, the insurer has solid ground to deny you and compensation or benefits. Even if you are looking for treatment outside your employer’s medical network, you need to consult your workers compensation attorney in Oakland and follow the rule book.

To sum up, if you are injured at work you need to take it seriously and get in touch with an Oakland workers compensation lawyer immediately and seek legal counsel. Do not sign any form till your lawyer approves of the same. This can deny you compensation either in full or the potential compensation you’d have been entitled to.

Summary: In this write-up we look at some of the common mistakes that people make when it comes to workers’ compensation and how you can avoid them.


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