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Medium Gifted Me $2.04 with 0 Views 0 Reading Time

Here’s what happens when I see $2.04 earnings in my August earnings.

By ASAD EDUCATEPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Medium Gifted Me $2.04 with 0 Views 0 Reading Time
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Today when I search the word Medium in my Phone browser what happens? Unbelievable moment And the good thing is that this amount of money $2.04 I never ever received before here at Medium.

I don’t know how the Medium algorithm actually works but this is the earnings proof I have received from Medium

I feel super excited when I see my $2.04 I know this is not a huge amount of money people are making thousands of dollars online but it is also a reality that if you make one dollar online then you can easily make one million dollars more just move forwarded and never sit down.

Yes, on August 02 2022 I have zero total views, Zero internal views (internal views mean views that you usually got inside Medium platforms) Zero External Views ( Out Medium views, such as Google and Other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc)

But I made $2.04 with Zero Reading Time which means Medium gifted me some money as Bonus.

Now, why did I write this article? Any purposes of this article?

Yes, This is Motivation for you and a new writer who is still struggling to make money online on Medium which means never lose hope your time will come This is the only platform that sends you good news in the form of Notification or either in the form of Money that I shared with you.

How Many Followers+ Email Subscribers did I Collect in the Month Of July?

The fastest ways to Complete your first 100 followers on Medium.

Medium is a great place for Getting followers, Email subscribers for free, and when you get a person as a follower and as an email subscriber now it is your duty to send them valuable content.

Whether per week, two weeks, or even after a month.

But if you write every day on Medium then I suggest don’t send them a notification because they feel bad and this is the only thing I wish I knew when I was new on this platform.

So how many followers and email subscribers I collect in the month of July 2022?

And the answer is 238 followers and 3 email subscribers.

screenshot by authors

But If you want to complete your first 100 followers on Medium then I highly recommend you to post valuable content first, Second engage with other writers this is the only fastest way I found as a writer with 10 months of experience.

My Niche Blog Earning in the Month Of July.

Howe Much Money My Niche blog has made in the month of July 2022.

In this Guide, I will share with you my niche blog earnings proof that I made in the month of July 2022 with Amazon and Google Adsense.

Yes, My niche blog is monetized with Amazon and Google Adsense, And I will also teach you how you can start your journey as a content creator and make passive income online.

The reason people’s fail in Blogging is that they don’t believe in YOURSELF. As a result, they fail and they blame that blogging is dead. It is a bad idea for making money online. It is a too old method etc.

If you want to see how to make 1Million dollars with One blog then I highly recommend you to follow Adam enfroy Journey. Because I learned a lot from them He is a nice teacher that tech blogging absolute for free on his YouTube Channel.

Now let’s see how much Money made with my blog.

And the answer is $50.01 cents with Amazon and $18.77 with Adsense here’s the proof.

Niche site Google AdSense Earning proof:

Hopefully, you like my short Medium story also check my other stories where I shared my whole sources of income as a content writer.


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