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Make Your Education Your Earning In 2022 Just By Answering Questions

Best Way To Earn Money Online By Answering Questions

By InfomancePublished 2 years ago 4 min read

There are many ways on the internet via which you can make money. And, one of them is answering inquiries. Users can earn money by just answering other people's queries on the internet. That's all there is to it!

There are websites dedicated to offering customers these types of services.

So, if you have expertise in a particular sector and want to supplement your income in your spare time, these question/answer websites are for you.

You can earn money by answering questions on apps that pay you.

Here's a selection of Q&A-based apps where you may earn money by answering people's questions:

1. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is the most popular website where professionals can earn money. They provide a highly user-friendly chatting system that allows you to engage with customers effortlessly. To become an expert on our website, you must be highly knowledgeable in the field you are applying for. Finance, computers, law, animals, and many other disciplines are available to pick from.

You might expect a response in 5-10 days after submitting your application.

Payment Information

Users of Just Answer get paid via PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.

2. PrestoExperts

PrestoExperts provides 24-hour support for a wide range of questions in any field. Tutoring in every subject, business solutions, technological support, mental health counselling, and many other services are available. You can choose from over 600 categories to become an expert in if you have a specific service in mind.

To become a member of presto Experts, you must fill out an application form that includes your personal information and your experience in the topic for which you are applying. The best part is that you can register for as many categories as you want, as long as you specialise in each one. You will receive an email invitation once a position becomes available.

Payment Information

Presto Experts compensates its consultants via cheque or PayPal. As an expert, you have the freedom to choose your charge per session. For a session, you must set your rate per minute. Your service price will begin when you accept the call and end when it concludes, regardless of the platform you use to conduct your sessions, such as phone or chat.

3. Maven

Maven is a well-known micro-consulting firm that employs consultants from all over the world. These consultants guide users in their day-to-day decision-making. Maven serves as a worldwide knowledge marketplace for businesses, doing research, filling out surveys, and providing insights.

Payment Information

Check how Maven rewards its users. Based on their knowledge, Maven consultants set their hourly rate.

4. Experts123

Another question-and-answer software is Experts123. Its functionality differs from that of other websites. The way it works is that professionals can make money by answering questions or creating beneficial articles. The more people who answer or read your articles, the more money you make. If your articles have a good following, the company may encourage you to write paid content for other clients.

You must first register and then complete your profile to use the website. After that, fill up the gaps in your knowledge in specific subjects. You can write on technology, health and beauty, and many other topics.

Payment Information

Experts123 uses PayPal to pay their customers. You don't get a set amount of money for answering inquiries and creating articles.

5. 6ya

6ya is a website that assists users with various questions and answers. In essence, you get compensated for helping individuals over the phone. A typical call lasts only 4 to 5 minutes. You can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Payment Information

You will be automatically paid $3 for calls that go longer than one minute. 6ya pays via direct deposit.

6. Wonder

Wonder is a website that asks and answers questions based on research. Users can become research analysts in their community and earn money by answering questions from the website's research dashboard. Users pose questions, which researchers must answer by conducting research and providing relevant responses.

Payment Information

Wonder uses PayPal to pay its researchers.

7. Helpful

Helpful is a free online resource for asking and answering questions. This website assists people by offering answers to their questions and rewarding those who provide the solutions with points. The questioners here do not pay you to answer their questions, but the more you respond, the more points you earn.

Payment Information

Helpful compensates its members with gift cards from Amazon and Walmart. You can get a $10 gift card by redeeming 50,000 points.

8. is a similar website that accepts Bitcoin as payment.

To become a member of, you must first create a profile and then join lists based on your talents and knowledge. You earn money by answering them. That's all there is to it. You can also earn more by doing temporary jobs.

Payment Information accepts Bitcoin as payment. If you're interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, this might be the most excellent time to do so.

9. StudyPool

StudyPool is a question-and-answer service that focuses on online tutoring. Users can earn money online by answering students' inquiries, whether they are about homework or assignments. Tutors only need to look through the various categories of topics and answer the questions that pertain to them.

10. FixYa

Fixya is a website that provides answers to product-related questions or problems that customers may be experiencing. If no feasible solutions are available, readers can pose a question directly to the experts, who will respond via email.

Payment Information

You can also create pay rates and conduct live sessions to assist people. According to reports, they launched their premium expert’s program, although several experts have subsequently claimed to collect money from it.

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