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Life is not a fairy tale

by Alesia Rudd 2 months ago in advice
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life is a journey

It a journey

What am I doing, see I'm one of those people who has it all planned out. who started to plan her life at the age of eight years old, hey am Alesia let me tell you when. I realize life is not a fairy tale, well, I'm the youngest out of five kids so I'm the baby. my siblings are grown and have their own families.

It is just me my mom her boyfriend and my sister. as a kid, all I saw was a perfect family like we didn't have any flaws I didn't see all of the imperfections. I was just a wild kid who loved playing outdoors, and breathing the fresh air, and playing in the woods, and wasn't worried about anything but that all changed.

As I got old and fell into the wrong crowd and was faced with challenges, instead of facing my challenges I chose to run away from them. at the age of nine to ten, my parents got divorced. my whole world fell apart so many emotions were going through my mind at one point I thought it was my fault they were getting divorced.

That's when the fairy tale ends and I saw all of my family's imperfections and realize that the world isn't always perfect like a fairy tale. after my parents divorced things got worse I went into a great depression my grades started to go downhill and I was angering at everyone and push them away.

Eventually, I lost most of my friends and I got overweight, I felt like a loser and that no one understood me. but I use my anger and sadness to make changes and started to work out and study. eventually, I saw the progress and was proud of myself.

I even move into a new house my friends weren't too happy about me move but they got over it. life has been harder ever since I move away, me and my friends grew apart and stop talking to each other I even broke my phone. me and my dad even stop talking and that really hurt me.

I start to stay in bed a lot not caring about anything until I decided I had enough. I decided to stop being depressed over things I couldn't change and start back up with my daily routine. I even got back in touch with a friend, me and that friend had a great time we even played cards together.

I even start to see a therapist for my mental health, and things have got in better all thanks to me trying to change and make the effort to change. I'm slow find myself in this journey. yes, there are good times and bad times, when the bad times come the best thing you can do is hang on and hope for the best.

the reason I call life a journey and not a fairy tale is because fairy tales always have happy endings and sometimes life doesn't have that happy ending. but the good thing about life is you always have happy moments.

and the reason I call life a journey is because in a journey anything can happen bad and good and you can learn from mistakes along the way. I came to the realization that life is not supposed to be a fairy tale but a journey and it is your job to guide that journey.

guide it as far as you can and never lose hope there for life is not and fairy tale but a journey that you lead. thanks for reading


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