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Letting Go of the Dream: Why I Dissolved My US LLC as a Non-US Citizen

The name "Wanderlust Spices" had a lot of promise. As an ardent cook and explorer from India, the idea of bringing diverse spice combinations to American homes ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. Forming an LLC in Wyoming, which is known for its business-friendly environment, seemed like the perfect beginning place for my American dream. However, dreams must evolve, which is why I made the difficult decision to dissolve my LLC. Here is why

By Courtanae HeslopPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

The name "Wanderlust Spices" held a lot of promise. As an avid cook and explorer from India, the prospect of bringing unique spice blends to American homes sparked my business drive. Forming an LLC in Wyoming, recognized for its business-friendly atmosphere, felt like the ideal starting point for my American dream. But sometimes dreams must evolve, which is why I made the painful decision to dissolve my LLC.

It was not an easy decision. The first exhilaration was contagious. Sourcing high-quality spices, creating unique blends, and envisioning them on kitchen shelves across the country was exciting. However, the initial challenges were greater than anticipated. As a non-US citizen, managing legal and tax intricacies was unexpectedly challenging. Securing money was difficult, and increasing brand awareness in a competitive sector proved more difficult than I anticipated.

The greatest issue, however, was the persistent sense of being an outsider. The Wyoming LLC provided legal benefits, but it could not cross the physical barrier. Being separated by an ocean made it difficult to establish ties with potential partners and customers. The ambition of connecting with American palates through my spices began to feel like a monologue delivered over a long distance.

The turning point occurred on a trip to the United States. Immersed in the bustling food scene, I realized that, while my mixes were great, they lacked the context of the local palette. The spices I used in India were affected by generations of tradition, which I could not entirely duplicate from a distance. It was a humbling and freeing epiphany.

Dissolving the LLC was not a failure, but rather a required turn. It was not the end of the dream, but rather a transition. Here's what I learned and how I handled the process:

Lessons learned:

  • Market research is vital. Before you get started, understand your target audience's wants and preferences.
  • Consider local partnerships: For non-US entrepreneurs, collaborating with established businesses can help them overcome obstacles.
  • Don't underestimate the legal and tax complications. Seek expert help to navigate requirements and stay compliant.
  • Be flexible and adaptable. The entrepreneurial road is fraught with unforeseen turns. Be prepared to change your direction.

Dissolution Steps:

  • Reviewed Operating Agreement: My agreement described the dissolution process, including member vote requirements.
  • Held Member Vote: As the only member, I voted to dissolve the LLC.
  • Filed Articles of Dissolution: I sent the form to the Wyoming Secretary of State.
  • Paid final fees and taxes: I resolved any outstanding financial commitments.
  • Closed Bank Accounts and Cancelled Licenses: All accounts were closed, and business licenses were canceled.

The Path Forward:

The dissolution of the LLC marked a new beginning rather than an end. It enabled me to refocus my attention on my passion for spices in a new way. Now, I teach online spice courses, sharing my knowledge and interacting with culinary enthusiasts all around the world. I also work with local cooks in India to create spice combinations that highlight native cuisines.

My voyage may not have gone as planned, but it has taught me significant lessons about cultural differences, the value of local contacts, and the adaptation required in the entrepreneurial world. While Wanderlust Spices no longer exists as an LLC, the spirit of adventure and my passion of spices continue to lead me onto a new road that is more gratifying and culturally relevant.

I've also decided to try other things such as:

Publishing my 2nd e-book: Start Me Up: The Jamaican Entrepreneur's guide to finding Funding (2024)

... before I forget, Meet Courtanae (Me :)) Your Virtual Bestie here

Remember that sometimes the best travels begin with letting go of the map and accepting the unexpected.

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