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Let’s Dig In To Understand The Need And Importance Of Kraft Boxes

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The materials used to package traditional products have been bad for the environment. However, brands have turned to environmentally friendly alternatives like Kraft paper boxes as a result of consumers' growing concern for the environment. Green packaging is now more important than ever for your brand's operations. You'll learn why in this guide.


About 32% of the plastic used in packaging will not be thrown away. That's not good because plastic takes hundreds of years to break down. To put it another way, every single piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still in existence today, with the exception of those that have ended up in the incinerator.

Kraft may be the world's answer to the ever-increasing plastic pollution because it is an eco-friendly packaging option. In commercial and industrial operations, it is a common material for packaging goods. Kraft packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and is made from a renewable resource. Kraft paper, on the other hand, can be made from any kind of wood, unlike regular paper.

Versatility of Kraft Paper is Incomparable Among Others

Kraft paper can be used to make a wide range of packaging materials, including envelopes, food-grade boxes, tuck-top Kraft boxes, and folding cartons. You would have the option of using some kind of kraft paper packaging for any product you sell. You can have custom packaging made to fit your products if you can't find what you need.

Kraft Boxes Have Maximum Durability

The packaging made of Kraft paper boxes is very sturdy and long-lasting. It is able to withstand rough handling and shuffle during transportation, making it possible for brands to safeguard delicate goods from damage. Due to the fact that it mostly contains pure wood pulp, natural kraft paper lasts longer than its recycled counterparts. The fiber-rich raw materials come from tree trunks and are harvested from there. Most of the time, bark and other materials make up recycled Kraft paper, which makes it less strong. Kraft has a tendency to lose its strength when exposed to water, despite its durability. When wrapping wet products, special resins are typically applied to it.

Kraft Boxes Are Of Great Use When It Comes To Eco Friendly Nature

Because Kraft packaging is 100 percent eco-friendly, you can reduce your carbon footprint. The Kraft material will decompose in the landfill in a matter of weeks without causing any harm to the environment, even if it is not separated from the trash.

If you want kraft paper to be 100% compostable, it must not contain any special resins or plastic films. Let's say that the windows on your product packaging are cut out of Kraft. Your packaging won't be 100% environmentally friendly if you cover that cutout with a material that can't be composted, like gloss lamination. You can, on the other hand, leave that cutout space open. While you keep your promise to only deliver your products in environmentally friendly packaging, your customers can inspect your products in greater detail. Additionally, it is recyclable. Kraft boxes can be recycled and used as new packaging.

Kraft Boxes are Economical Way of Packaging

Natural kraft paper is less expensive than packaging made of plastic. They are heavier than regular paper, but their durability and strength do not increase their weight. Shipping the Kraft material won't be prohibitively expensive.

A small or medium-sized business can feel a lot better when they buy Kraft boxes in bulk. When you buy in bulk, the prices are significantly lower.

Kraft Boxes Are Print Friendly

Kraft paper boxes support a variety of printing methods, including digital printing and lithography, as previously mentioned. You can also give your brown paper Kraft boxes a more finished look by embossing and foil stamping them. Your prints will appear clear on the kraft material regardless of whether you use water-based or soy-based ink. You can increase product promotions and attract customers' attention.


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