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Learn about Marketing In No Time

by Luna 9 months ago in business
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With these simple methods, you can learn about marketing in no time.

Learn about Marketing In No Time
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Do it right the first time.

I am constantly bombarded with postcards. I got a postcard the other day attempting to sell me a copy machine. The front and a considerable amount of the rear of the card were covered in small, tiny text.

It was exceedingly difficult to read, to the point where I threw it aside.

A few days later, I received a postcard with 32 words on it, instructing me to contact the 800 number on the card for comprehensive information on unrestricted long-distance telephone service for 5.5 cents per minute with no additional monthly cost.

I did make a call. I received the information, received answers to my inquiries, and changed my long-distance service.

  • Generate a lead by convincing people to call the toll-free number.
  • Also, provide requested data – I received this information over the phone from one of their sales reps, who was able to answer my questions and reassure me that I could save a considerable amount of funds on my long-distance fee and also that the offering would be just as equivalent or better.

What's the Big Deal About the above Steps?

It's a lot easier to pique someone's curiosity (a lead) than it is to guide them through the complete purchasing process (a sale).

You haven't yet persuaded the potential or current client to part with any money.

Postcards may be used to reach out to your target prospects and customers and generate leads (inquiries about your products and services), which can then be followed up on and converted to sales.

This two-step procedure also assists you in compiling a list of people who were interested enough in what you have to offer to contact you.

You may then follow up with those who you didn't sell to the first time they enquired, preferably until they buy from you.

Vital: Make sure you have all of the information you'll need to follow up with those who replied to your mail ad.

Increased sales will occur from repeated follow-ups with customers who have contacted you. Consider it a business policy to contact anybody who has inquired about your goods or services.

How to Make the Most of Postcards

The goal of the message on your postcard is to pique your prospect's attention enough to entice him or her to contact you and inquire about your offer.

You're piquing people's attention rather than taking their bucks (not yet anyway). That is the purpose of the two-step marketing method. Creating a pipeline of potential customers and prospects that contact you for further information.

To be most successful, your message should include three components:

  1. A succinct description of your product or service's most significant benefit.
  2. A compelling cause for them to get in touch with you right away.
  3. An easy manner for people to answer that is clear and straightforward.

Your communication should be brief and direct. Longer postcard messages get fewer leads than shorter ones.

Consider the following scenario:

For a free copy of our report, please call 700-502-1111.

Things 99 percent of firms operators don't know about the use of mailers to increase profits and will never learn

A large number of individuals will answer in order to learn what they don't already know. Remember that they replied, indicating at the very least that they are interested in the topic you have piqued their interest in.

If addressed to the right market, this strategy works and will generate a high number of queries.

Were using the advice you've just read to craft the message for your next email and watch what occurs.

You'll get a lot of leads from customers who are serious about your goods & services.


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