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Learn About Keyword Research

by Avijit Ray 2 months ago in business
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Keyword Research Is Evey thing

Learn About Keyword Research
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If you know SEO or have basic SEO knowledge, you must understand how keyword research is essential for it. Mainly SEO is a fundamental part of SEO. But many digital content creators don’t know about keyword research.

So, today in this post we are going to discuss some basics about it. Let’s start discussing it.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is a process where you find related search terms in your niche that are searched daily on google by people. Mean you dig your niche in google and find the question topic. In one line, Keyword research is a way that how you find the topics that can you write about in your blog.

What is a keyword example?

A keyword is a normal word that we use in real life. But now at that time keywords are making their own identity on the market. Now, a keyword in a word or terms that searched in google or other search engines for knowing some kind of information.

Why do we do keyword research?

Keyword research is the main part of our online creation journey. Because keyword is the only thing that gives us an overview of what our audience searched in the search engines. The word mean key is main and another is a word that is the subunit of a sentence. So, another name of keywords is the main word.

What are the different types of Keywords?

There are mainly two types of search according to our audience's intent. One is informational and another is commercial. In the informational search, people want to know some information about what they want to know. In the commercial intent keyword, people are asking for buying guides and reviews on a specific product.

There is also a classification of keywords according to the search length. They are three types, short tail medium tail, and long tail. In the short tail keyword, people enter one or two words. The short tail keywords generally have a large intent, they don’t describe the real need of a user. In the medium tail keyword, people narrow down their ask. With that keyword, we can know what kind of problem the specific user is facing. In the long-tail keywords, people enter their specific problem and want a solution to it. Basically, it is a question-type quarry.

What is a keyword example?

Before we say that keywords are normal words we use in real life. Thre are some examples of keywords

Long Tail: SEO

Medium Tail: ON-PAGE SEO


What makes a good keyword?

Which words meet a specific intent of an audience, is called a good keyword. During keyword research, you may need to look that your keyword must meat a user intent very nicely.

How do I use keywords on my website?

You need to use keywords in your content very smartly. Thre are some specific places where we need to just add keywords, in the title, in subheadings, In the first 100 words minimum one time and in the meta description.

How do keywords work in SEO?

Keywords mean topic ideas for your blog. Keywords help Google to understand your content and help them to rank what kind of problems they are solving. So, keywords can make or break your website.

At last, we can say that it is only the basic information about Keyword research. If you want to know more about it, please stay with us and give me motivation by giving a response to my post.


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