Lazy Co-Workers

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You know there's always that one co-worker no one can stand...

Lazy Co-Workers

We've all dealt with that one lazy coworker that complains about everything and never gets anything done. I've dealt with lazy co-workers at almost all of my jobs, but none like my last job.

I worked in retail. Our job is to make sure the store looks decent enough for people to shop and find the things they need. We work in groups and just go through the store, snake our way through each aisle until everything is picked up off the floors and hung properly back on the racks.

Usually, I work with some really awesome people who work their asses off, but this last holiday season I worked with lazy young assholes who didn't do shit and never got in trouble for it! One girl was on her phone the majority of the shift and we were swamped with work and somehow my other co-workers and I got bitched at for shit not being done. Things that were not our responsibility ended up not getting done. So, instead of getting yelled at about it, we busted our asses and made sure we got it done.

It got so bad that my other coworkers and I decided we were just gonna start filing complaints as if we were customers. I had some friends come in and ask to speak to the manager to complain and to also give good reviews on my coworkers that actually did work. I got tired of having to pick up the slack for these young kids who were only working to get a pay check. None of them actually cared about how the store looked or helping customers, which is fine, but why take a job you're not going to give your all to? Why not just take an easy job like working fast food where all you do is take orders? Don't come to a job that requires some skill and some physical activity, if you have no interest in doing the job.

There was one day I had to work with a group of kids who didn't know how to do the job they were hired to do. How the hell does that happen? I swear the job is common sense. Pick a fucking row, clean it up and then move to the next row until the whole department is clean and organized. How these idiots managed to not understand this concept is beyond me. What made it worse is being in charge of them and having to tell them over and over again, "Hey, you're doing that wrong."

I don't understand how anyone would want to be lazy at work, you got hired to do a job. Get it done and then go home. I hate being bored at work. I don't really like people, so I want to keep myself busy until my shift is over so I can go home and be bored in peace. I take pride in any job I have. I love hearing "good job" and getting praise for my hard work. I don't know why others don't feel the same way. We don't get many hours as part-timers so doing a good job means you get more hours. Who the fuck doesn't want more money?

I especially hate co-workers that can't work and talk at the same time. Shit, I don't mind that you're talking but dear Jesus work as you talk. I can fucking hear you even if I'm not looking at you! If we could have music on during the day, I would totally wear headphones and tune everyone out so no one would ever bug me.

I'm not the type to run to a supervisor if you're not doing your work, instead I talk shit about you in the break room to all our other coworkers. Put you on blast in front of everyone... Yes, this has caused arguments and fights for me, but I don't give a fuck. Those little assholes need to get their jobs done. If you make my job harder, then by all means, I'm gonna talk shit about you and make sure everyone knows you're a shitty worker.

Don't get me wrong. I've had my days where I don't wanna work or get shit done, but guess what I still fucking do my damn job! It might take me longer and I might not have a smile on my face, but shit still gets done. I like having fun and laughing with my coworkers, nothings wrong with bullshitting and goofing off, but make sure you still get shit done. There is no reason to be lazy at a job you chose.

Nobody asked you to come work for them, you asked them to give you a job and hire you. You made that decision when you applied for that job and took that interview. You decided, hey I'm capable of doing this. So don't get the job and then start to slack off, if you don't like it then quit and find something more suitable for you. Don't be that lazy coworker everyone talks shit about. Be the person everyone loves to be around at work. Be the person people request to work with because you make the job enjoyable and worth coming into work.

LeAnn Murch
LeAnn Murch
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