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Keyword Mapping: How To Ensure SEO Content Strategy Success?

SEO For Desired Success

By Adaan GCC Digital SolutionsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Keyword mapping is the process of selecting and assigning keywords you want to rank for along with their different variations by setting up a site structure to include specific pages where you can incorporate those keywords. It allows you to optimise each page to target the primary keyword and the variations for other pages on your site.

Since it’s focused on structuring your website and its content logically, keyword mapping is the foundation of every on-page SEO strategy and a part of many SEO packages in Bahrain. Search engines look for ultra-specific quality content, and keyword mapping helps you create that. Here are the steps to implement a keyword mapping strategy.

Find Relevant Keywords

To determine which relevant phrases you want to target, start with Google’s keyword search tools. You can get information about the phrase you input and also receive a list of related keywords to help you plan your keyword groupings. Ahrefs is another excellent tool for in-depth keyword research. It allows advanced keyword mapping with additional details.

Don’t forget to consider long-tailed keywords. They are terms that are made up of more than three words indicating a specific search intent. You can map keyword intent to help match relevant keywords to content. When you avail search engine optimisation services in Bahrain, they also research keywords your competitors are ranking for to determine where to focus their content efforts.

Generate Blog Topics

Your keywords may offer some direction when you’re trying to decide what to write about. But ensure that the topic is relevant to your niche. Another way to find topics is to think about the common questions your team receives. You can also enter some keyword phrases into a website like AnswerthePublic to find common Google search queries.

Find out what areas your competitors are covering since they’ve most likely answered a common concern as well. When you hire an SEO company in Bahrain, they may even write on product-specific topics or use Google Trends to find the most popular searches.

Assign Keywords to Topics

For the actual keyword mapping, many find that Google Sheets work best. List your keywords along with your blog topics next to them in another column. You can form additional columns for long-tail keywords that go nicely with a primary keyword phrase.

Once a blog post is published, include the URL in the spreadsheet to make it easier to follow up on statistics and determine what’s working and what’s not. Group keywords that are part of the same query together. You can also use different sets of keywords to approach a topic from multiple perspectives and break one topic idea down into more detailed subjects for multiple posts.

Give Your Content Purpose

Every piece of content needs to have a particular purpose. Every blog post is linked to a specific part of the buyer’s journey, where the call to action at the end invites the reader to take the next step.

Let’s say you’re writing a blog post on a topic that comes under your funnel’s awareness stage. At the end of the blog, it can invite readers to move forward into the next stage, i.e., engagement, by becoming a part of your email list. The best SEO services in Bahrain focus on carefully moving readers through the funnel to encourage sales ultimately.

Re-Optimise Old Content

Now it’s time to go through your older posts and decide how you can improve them. Whether it’s rewriting them to include appropriate keywords or refocusing the content, apply this on all of your web pages, not just the blogs section.

Content planning aims to avoid keyword cannibalisation or competition between your pages for the same query in search results. Start with your best-performing content and find out how you can make it better. Remove posts that are not getting any traction- your audience may not be interested in that topic. If you need help from a professional SEO agency in Bahrain to ensure the best chances of ranking success, contact us at Adaan GCC.


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