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The Lack of Training

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So you just got a new career. On the first day of work, you noticed something odd. Isn't someone supposed to train you? How long has the person training you worked at the job? A month? A year? What are you supposed to be hired to do?

Yes, there are jobs that actually go above and beyond to train their new employees effectively. Then there are those types of employers that either don't do or do a lackluster job at training new people.

This Happens

This has happened to me, four months after graduating with a degree in the career that I wanted. I was at a new town, and anxious about remembering what I have already trained for in university. And this is not my first degree.

I have another degree. After I finished that one, I went and got some jobs and some training from them.

But with this job, that I'm not going to name, employer, the person that was supposed to train me on my first day, didn't show up because they were helping an ailing family member. Then my former boss decided to have a guy, who only worked there for a month, train me.

I feel sorry for the newbie training me. He didn't do a good job of it. I just wished that my former boss would have just sent me home and told me to come back tomorrow.

But the person that was originally was supposed to train me in the first place, came in the next day late and never did train me. So, I was left wondering what to do.

I did ask everyone in the small office that I used to work at, if they need help. However, the most common answer was "No." I stopped asking that question. Most of my time was spent pretending to work. I did help with cleaning the office (Which takes about 5 minutes), helping one person out, and a job that I was supposed to do (Which ended up being fewer and fewer as the years went on). But most of the time was me pretending to work.

What a Lack of Training does to an Employee…

Fortunately, I know that I am not the only one that this has happened. There are others, and here are the consequences of a lack of training in the workforce.

1. Unsafe work environment – if you work with heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals or something to that nature. Before going to those worksites, people must have, what in Canada we call WHMIS Training (Or Work Hazardous Materials Information System) training. If they don’t and go out to these worksites, then all hell breaks loss. Someone might lose their skin, bone or their life. Then the employer would have to face lawsuits.

2. Unhappy and unsatisfied employees – that’s what I am. And this causes poor performance and lots of stress from that employee. And trust me, unhappy employees also mean that they feel undervalued within the company. No wonder they quit and look for jobs elsewhere. For me, my creativity was undervalued, but I stayed with the company until I was let go. If you are an employer and you want your workers to stay, it’s better to invest in them.

3. Reduced productivity – My productivity was reduced because of the change in technology. That reduced the one thing that I can do and pretend that I was doing work. Plus, the people that I worked with, most of whom were there 20+ years, don’t have any idea on how to keep up with changes and be innovative. Otherwise, poorly trained employees who are feeling undervalued, will make the same mistakes and perform poorly. If you are an employer, make sure that you and your team keep up with the latest Social Media Trend or technology and to think outside the box.

4. Increased Staff Turnover – This is self explanatory. But in one of my job search group counselling that I did, Increased Staff Turnover doesn’t always mean that they don’t like their job. There was a story that I heard from the counselor saying that she saw the same ad for the same position a year later. She asked and the reason for the vacancy was because the person that they hired went onto another position within the company.

Another Thing happens When Employees are Not Trained

There is one other cost to the lack of training that employers don’t realize until it is too late. A lack of training your employees means that you will also lose customers.

You know the old saying about the happy wife. Well, in the work world, a happy employee means happy customers or clients. If you are an employer, please keep that in mind.

Have you ever worked in a job that didn’t have adequate training? Please let me know.

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