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There is Something Wrong With Job Interviews.

Jobless Blogger 9

We've all been through it. The nervousness, hoping to get all the questions right, anything to ace the job interview.

Then you wait some more to see if you did get the job or not. The interviewer might call you and say that you didn't get the job, or you get the rejection email. Or the employer hires you on the spot.

The latter is the good job interview.

But Lately....

I know that I am not the only unemployed person that this happens to lately in a Pandemic.

Say you've sent out a hundred resumes, and you've been unemployed for four months. And yet, not one employer is will schedule a job interview with you. Why is that?

The Dreaded ATS Software

If you don't know what ATS is, it's Applicant Tracking System. It's software that has employers put in keywords so that they can find the person who is the right for the job.

Otherwise, when you go onto job boards and read the postings, you would have to change your resume and cover letter to get all the keywords in.

What Keywords do I Need to Get Job

This one is a head scratcher to me. Because no matter how many keywords that I put in, (For example: copywriter, writer, script, podcast, team player, adobe audition,...) I am still not getting any job interviews.

How do I Beat this Software?

Since I am the one without a job, I have no solution to that question. The problem with this software is that you get a 100 applicants vying for the same position, but it siffs you out if you are missing a keyword or two.

Why this ATS Software?

That is an easy answer. Employers and HR departments are way to busy to read 1,000 resumes. That is the simple reason why this software exists. But there is something that this software doesn't catch. What is that you might ask? People do lie on their resumes.

I know that you are shocked at what I just mentioned. I know that I myself, don't do that on my resume. But people will do anything to get a job, including LYING on their CVs. Employers will not notice this until it is too late and they hire the liars.

But that is not all...

I am getting way off track here. I have to talk about the job interview. There are still problems with it.

What are the Problems with Job Interviews?

My biggest problem with job interviews is that you go and sit with the potential employer and TALK about your past work.

you TALK about your skills, not SHOW your skills.

I would rather SHOW my skills and not TALK about them. I am a great person to work with because I am at work on time and I know what I am going to DO.

THAT'S the biggest problem with Job Interviews.

There are shy people out there that would rather be SHOWING their skills and not TALKING about them.

The Questions...

So, the potential employer asks "So where do you see yourself in five years?" The only answer that you can give them is working in their company.

The truth in this day and age is, NO ONE KNOWS where they see themselves in five years. They want to see themselves hired not now because they have to put food on their table for their kids, not think about the future. They might be laid off or fired in two years.

I already mentioned in a previous post, that a job that I didn't get, where the people hiring (There were three of them), where reading questions from the book. There were five skills questions that they asked, and I answered them with the same three skills. The problem with those five questions were that they were all the same one, worded five different times. Those hiring should have read the book more carefully and just ask one of those question instead of all of them.

More Lies...

People not only can lie on their resume, but they can also do that in job interviews too. It's not just the applicant that lies, those hiring can too.

I remember one job interview for a call centre, where the woman said that they are busy on Saturdays. When I got the job, Saturdays weren't as busy as she said.

I had another job where, in the interview that employer said that they are always busy. It turns out that it was the most boring job ever.

What are Job Interviews For Anyway?

I would still want to keep the job interview for only one career field: SALES. Salespeople are better at convincing Employers to hire them. That's why I think that Job Interviews should stay for. That way of hiring is not for: mechanics or any other industry that doesn't require any selling.

What Now?

For those who are in the entertainment or creative fields, you are in luck for showing off your skills online through your own portfolio, through audio and through YouTube.

As for the rest of us, there should be another way to convince Employers to hire you that will SHOW and not TALK about your skills.

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