Jobless Blogger 8

Looking for Freelance Work is a Full Time Job Too.

Jobless Blogger 8

You've read all the blogs about how to be a great Freelancer, or the best ways to get customers to your freelancing business. You've also signed up for Fiverr and Upwork.

You've created your gig and profiles on as many freelancing sites as you can think of. You even created a portfolio of your work and post it on your own website. You've even trying to posted that you're a freelance writer on all your social media channels.

And then...

Nothing happens. All you hear are crickets chirping and no one wants to be interested in your writing, product or service.

This is what is happening to me.

I have been on Fiverr and Upwork for years. I wanted to first pursue freelancing part time while I had a full time job.

The problem was at the time, I didn't have the energy or the time in to promote myself. Plus I was also devoting energy to creating my bi-weekly podcast.

But ever since I put my services on both sites, I have gotten zero responses from anyone wanting to hire.

I've tried to ask the Fiverr and Upwork forums about it. The Fiverr forums don't help at all, because all I have gotten was suggestions for SEO and promoting my work on Social Media.

I've put in the keywords that a potential client might do when searching. Plus I don't want to promote my services to my friends. I know that they are not hiring. Those Facebook Fiverr groups don't work either, because once I post that I am looking for clients on there, I get responses back that others are doing the same thing to.

As for Upwork, I have to read some articles on how to improve my chances of finding clients. I have still have yet to finish those.

What is going on here.

I have heard from a few people saying that they too have been on those two sites for years, and they have gotten no responses. It seems like there are tones of people looking to promote the same thing that you want to do, and not enough enough employers.

Looking for Clients for Freelancing is like looking for a job

Like with job search, you do have to do all the foot work. That's hard even if you have a full time job and you want some extra gigs to do on the side.

First you do have to clean up your Social Media to make sure that nothing gets in the way of you getting clients. That means going through all the history of your posts. I know that it's time consuming, but there is a way to make it easier. You just have to google how to do it.

Secondly, you don't need to sign up for Fiverr, Upwork or any of the thousands of Freelancing Job Boards to find clients.

Do I Need a Website to Attract Clients?

I would say yes and no to this. You don't particularly need a website, unless you want to showcase what you have already done. If you love photography or you want to showcase your creativity you definitely do need a website. When you start to network, you would need to show what you can do. That's what clients want to see.

The no part is that you can use LinkedIn to showcase and network your way to your first client. Here's a article from LinkedIn that will help you get your first client:

And like a job search, you don't just rely on job boards to get a paid gig, you have to do some networking online and off.


For those who are shy, I know that this is a tough one for you. But this has proven to be the best way to get a job. I'm not just talking face to face, I am also talking about doing it on Social Media.

Social Media might be the easiest way to network. But keep in mind that you don't over do it or sound like your desperate.

I am still looking for work and for freelancing. I email myself when I can do that. And I do it sporadically on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The reason for doing it sporadically is this: During this Pandemic, I am currently taking a course in Social Media Marketing online. The instructor let us know to do some test posts sporadically to see when and at what times people will respond to it. That way, you can post at that specific time.

I might also want to watch out for conversations in groups. But you have to be aware that not all groups want you to advertise your services.

Here's a example of what I mean by watching for conversations. I just posted on an ADHD Facebook group about my issues with job search during this Pandemic. I wanted to see if others can relate. There is one person that wrote that they are even having problems selling on Etsy. I did mention that I have copywriting experience and that I can help them. They were reluctant because they don't have the money. I wrote back that I wasn't expecting them to pay me, I just wanted some experience.

Does what I wrote, sound like spam? No, it sounded genuine. Here's an example of someone posting in group that is spam.

"If you have a gmail account, computer or smartphone & 2hours daily, you can make $5000 in 2days...."

There is One Additional Skill that Everyone Needs to Start a Freelancing Business

What is that one additional skill, you might ask? Well it's written in the Subheading Above. Still confused?

The one additional skill that you would need to get before you even try to network your way to a Freelancing job is Copywriting.

Why is that. Well, first let me ask you a question: What do you like to talk about when you are with your friends? Your life, your vacation, your kids, etc. Your conversations always have "I, me, us and we."

For some people with ADHD, like myself, I am sometimes the Chatty Kathy in a group, and some people are left wondering, when is it my time to talk. Otherwise, your friends are say "What is in it for me?"

"What is in it for me?" is the question on a Copywriters mind when they are writing ad copy for a website, social media, radio, TV, print, or wherever.

So instead of talking about yourself, that you are looking for a Freelance job, and that you have X amount of experience in it. People don't care how many years experience you have, they just care about the end result. Otherwise, can you do a good job of it.

Say if you are starting your photography business, ask someone if they know someone who is getting married? Are they currently looking for a photographer for their nuptials. Something like that.

If you want to learn more about copywriting, you can take some online course like those on Udemy.

This new skill is good for networking online and offline too.

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