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Doer Vs. Achiever Resumes

Jobless Blogger 5

Back When I was Kid...

You know where you were a kid and your parents had to take you out of class to go to the doctors or some other emergency?

Well, when I was in Elementary school and around June, my mother had to take me out of class to go to my brother's Awards Ceremonies. He was five years older than me, and I wish that my parents would have gone without me.

I've noticed one thing every year back then. It's always the same two or three kids that always gets those academic awards. The only exception is when the teachers announce the athletic awards.

Of course, I wanted the same awards as my brother got, but I wasn't that academic. I'm more creative. Yet, my parents always pushed me hard to be like my brother.

But I am not like him at all. First I am female, and second I couldn't be at my brother's level at all.

When I was going to the same Junior High as my brother, it was the same thing, but this time without my parents. I wasn't the one getting the awards, but the same two or three kids with the academics. No one else gets them. Not even me. Why do they hold award ceremonies in schools, when it's always the same two or three individuals that get all the credit? What about the other students who are not academic or athletic?

Because of all this pressure of my parents wanting me to be like my brother academically, I felt like a failure. I never failed school until one semester in college. But that was the only time.

I also remember as a child a few times going from teachers saying that there is something wrong with me to doctors and psychologist saying that there is nothing wrong with me.

As an adult going to university, I did get tested and I found out that I have ADHD. I also have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria because of what had happened to me in the past.

What Does This Have to Do With Doer Vs. Achiever Resumes?

Plenty. Because I have ADHD, I am a Doer not an Achiever. I didn't save hundreds of dollars for a company by doing my job, I just did my job.

I remember when I first heard the term Achiever Resume from someone who was helping me with my resume, I laughed at them. Fortunately, it was online, so I didn't laugh at the so-called Career Coach, in person.

But now it's common place. No wonder it's hard to get a job nowadays. This stupid idea of an Achiever Resume. I think that it is stupid.

Nonetheless, I did end up getting a job even though I don't have an Achiever Resume. Now I am thinking that Achiever vs. Doer has more to do with the Industry you are working in.

For example, those hairstylist and mechanics, Doer resumes are better. That's what I think.

For the jobs that are more academic based or something to do with Finances, or you saved the company from going bankrupt by saving millions of dollars for them, than an achiever one will do.

Let's Celebrate Differences

I'm just giving you my two cents on the subject of Doer vs. Achiever resume. All I can say is that everyone can achieve a Diploma, but not everyone can achieve every major thing in life.

There are some people in their 40s who don't have kids and never married. And they are happy. There are people with families who are struggling financially, and they are happy to in a way. There are people getting married for the first time in their 50s and 60s.

Not everyone can achieve. And since we are in a pandemic where the only things that are available are in the areas of food, delivery, and health, let's celebrate the doers more than ever. They deserve it.

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