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Jobless Blogger 4

Multitasking, Job Search, Interviews and ADHD

Jobless Blogger 4

There is one thing that I forgot to mention in my last couple of blogs. I have ADHD. And like most other adults with the same condition, I have been laid off, fired and I quit more often than those without ADHD. And to tell you the truth, I am getting sick and tired of be constantly being unemployed.

Being Laid Off.

The reason why I was laid off in my last job, according to my former employer was that I cannot multitask.

I have posted the multitasking question to an Adult ADHD group on Facebook. Some can do it, while others like myself, do better being hyper-focused on just one task at a time.

The Awful Truth About Multitasking...

To all the employers out there looking for people to multitask, here's the truth: NO ONE CAN DO THREE OR MORE THINGS AT THE SAME TIME. There are lots of scientific studies done on Multitasking saying that we humans do screw up on one or all the tasks at hand.

The study of people Multitasking has been around since the 1920s. The term itself was introduced in the 1960s when they were talking about the huge clunky computers.

The problem with multitasking is no human can focus on two or more things at once. Our brains are designed to focus on one thing at time. That’s how we evolved.

There have been studies of people who think that they can multitask and then do poorly on tests. I’m trying to think of the one test that people have a problem with. You know the one where people rubbed their right hand on their head one way and their hand on their stomach the other way. Or did it has something to do with kicking. I can’t remember, but no one can do that. Here’s a link to a test that you can do to see if you can multitask:

Can you get through this Multitasking Test?

Being that I have ADHD, I am more hyperfocus person than a multitasker. I have been to Data Entry jobs where I focused on that all day and the time by quicker. I am like that with daydreaming too.

I am also the type of person that organizes what tasks that I need to do from most important to least important. That’s how I function.

Now that I think about it, a fellow co-worker of mine, who is still working at the job that I was fired at: He can write, he can clean and help when needed. But he doesn’t do that all at the same time. That’s what I can do too. However, since he is a better cleaner than I am, I just sit there and wait for something to write. Which made the day go slow. I just that my employer was clear from the start what tasks they wanted me to do that I can do. I never had the chance to show my Data Entry skills or my other skills because of my anxiety. I was in a new town for the first time. There was also some other stuff going on that I do not want to talk about here.

I also wish that my Employer was clear as to what they mean by multitasking. Do they mean, doing two or three different things at the same time? Or say, write, but if there is nothing to write, then you can clean (For me it takes 5 minutes to do that)?

Searching for a New Job

Job search in the middle of a pandemic is complicated. Especially if you are in a non-essential industry.

A few weeks into my Job Search, and I still have gotten no response whatsoever. And I am waiting on someone to help me with my resume.

I do have an issue with resumes that I will write about later.

But, I am wondering, since I am in my 40s with lots of experience behind me, why am I not getting any calls for interviews?

I haven’t done anything wrong on the social media side of things and I tried to update my LinkedIn Profile.

I had trouble finding a website that will showcase all my audio demos and what I have done. Then I find Behance, which I did and it’s not that great, but it’s something.

I’ve even tried to look for remote or freelance work, but to no avail. What am I doing wrong?

Job search lately for me has been more overwhelming than it was in the past. Lately, looking for work is a full time job with no pay. And it’s frustrating. There’s got to be a better way to one to stand out from all this.

I decided to take a Udemy course on Job Search. In one of the lessons the instructor mentioned that there is a cheat sheet that will take out all the guess work out of job search.

The problem with job search, it’s no longer sending in your resume and hope that someone contacts you after they read it. It’s more a software that companies used to automatically sift through to find the correct candidates.

No Fear For the Already Frustrated Job Searcher.

Here’s a new term for all of us looking for a job: Resume Optimization Software. The best one out there is called Jobscan. It’s a website where you can paste your resume and paste a copy of a job posting that you seen (This is before you ever submit your resume). Then you click on scan, and it will show you if your resume matches the job posting. It must be over 80% for you to match what the employer is looking for.

If it is less than 80% and you still want that job, you can change your resume to the keywords that the employer is looking for.

The Dreaded Job Interview

When I was a kid, I remember reading a Folk Tale called "Salt." The story started with the king, who wanted to be flattered, asking all three of his daughters how much they loved him. The first two daughters did flatter him as he expected. His most favorite daughter, the youngest said, "I love you as much as everyone loves salt."

Then he banished her from his kingdom and into the forest. I can't remember what happened after. But there is a reason I remember the beginning of this tale.

Fast forward to when I was in High School, and instead of learning Hamlet, my class learned to read "King Lear." I would have loved to learn Hamlet at that time, but King Lear was okay too.

The first scene of that play reminded me of the first scene in the Folk Tale of "Salt". The scene was King Lear sitting on his throne and wanting to divide his kingdom for his three daughters: Reagan, Goneril, and Cordelia. And he wanted his daughters to flatter him with their answers to how much they love him. Of course, Reagan and Goneril did what he expected. His favorite and youngest, Cordelia said that, "she loves him as much as everyone loves salt."

Upon hearing this King Lear had Cordelia marry the King of France. And throughout the play King Lear learns a big lesson about trust from his other two daughters.

What does King Lear Have to do with Job Interviews?

It's about flattery. The interview is King Lear and you are one of his three daughters, but you are selling your skills to land the job. The interviewer is looking to see if you are the right fit for the job.

The Problem With Job Interviews

The biggest problem that we as the job hunter have is trying to brand ourselves. We've all gone through college trying to prove that we are hard workers, but we were not taught how to be Salespeople. This brings up another problem.

People do lie.

It's not just the person being interviewed that does the lying, the employer does too. I mentioned in the previous post hearing the phrase "We're always busy." And once I got the job, they weren't as busy as they said in the interview.

Otherwise, some people just talk the talk and don't walk the walk.

Jobs Interviews Should Be For Sales Positions Only

That's is true. Since job interview are about selling your skills, it should ONLY be for people who want to go into Sales.

What about the non-Sales positions then?

How can a hairdresser talk about her experience cutting hair, if they don't show it? The same with mechanics and other non-sales jobs.

I know that people in Broadcasting and the Entertainment fields have a video and/or an audio demo reel of their work. Hey, maybe someone who just graduated from beauty school can put out a YouTube tutorial, and show that to their employer. How about those apprentices putting out a YouTube tutorial on how to fix things, or something like that.

Or better yet, employers should have an extra room with a video camera in it. Let the potential employee SHOW and not TELL them how good of a fit they are in the company.

I am telling this to Employers not looking for Salespeople, it's better to have potential prospects show and not tell you how good they will be working for you.

By the way people with ADHD are better at showing people that they are hard workers. I know that I am.

What do you all think?

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