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In a New Covid-19 World

Jobless Blogger

As of a few weeks ago, I got laid off from my work. I am not going to mention the name of my employer or my last title because I am still angry at this employer for laying me off. I am also not giving you the reason why I was laid off either.

However, I did find out from another former employee the reason, which is why I am fuming. But now I am back on the same quest that I was eight years ago in finding a new job and going on Covid-19 Unemployment.

How the Job Market Has Changed in 8 Years.

Of course, I got my current job just by advertising myself on a website. But how times have changed now that we have Social Media to get in the door.

Now that I mention it, it is not good if you are like me, over 40 and out of work.

But the best part about being over 40 is the amount of experience that you had.

The worst part is if you must go back to school again and changing careers later in life. That is what I did when I did before I got my last job that I was laid off in.

The Job Hopper

I thought that my last job would be the one that will stop me from jumping from job to job. It did not. However, the good news is that this was the longest job that I had. My last longest job previous was two years.

However, I am one of those Gen-Xers that have been going from job to job unsatisfied.

And not all my jobs were bad. I had some good ones with people that I got along with and worked in a really great team environment. Some of those good jobs were me temping at the time.

Then you get those jobs where you are wondering why you were hired in the first place. I remember one such workplace, in a call centre, where from the beginning of the interview, I felt something was off. What I found out later from those that I worked with was they were all at a disagreement with the boss. That boss thought that she was on top of the world and that Saturdays were busy (Saturdays were slow as hell), and that if you decide to work overtime or sub for a co-worker, she expects you to do that all the time.

“We’re Always Busy”

This was what I heard with my last job and with others during an interview. Before I got my last job, and when I heard other employers say that they are always busy in a job interview, this is a red flag for me. To me “We’re always busy” means that they are not. I again got suckered into my last job because it was in another city. The city that I live in right now, which I might have to move because I do not have a job here.

I do not know about you, but I have learned my lesson that no matter where they are and they say that they’re always busy, I would reject that job offer right away.

Where I am at right now

I guess that I still have a way to go updating my resume. I have even considered doing some freelancing until I get a permanent full-time job. It could be that I will make my living as a freelancer, I do not know what the future holds for me at this point in time. I guess that we will have to find out.

How did you get your jobs, and what are some of the ways that some of us can update our resumes? Get ourselves noticed by employers in different ways? Do we now have to use YouTube and Twitch now? Please comment on this.

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