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IT Network Support: Everything You Need to Know

IT Network Support

By Jessica SmithPublished 2 months ago 10 min read
IT Network Support: Everything You Need to Know
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The Internet has revolutionized our lives, transforming how we run businesses and conduct ourselves. Organizations are leveraging digital platforms to perform everything from customer service to project collaboration.

At our organization, we compensate staff, recruit potential candidates for employment openings, hold discussions with customers, attend training sessions and seminars, initiate promotional strategies, and interact with colleagues through digital platforms.

With the ever-increasing demand for connectedness, your organization must have an outstanding digital network to stay competitive.

Trust a Los Angeles based managed IT services company to help you stay one step ahead of the competition. They will provide your Southern California business with up-to-date solutions tailored to meet your needs and keep you at the forefront of progress in this ever-changing world.

Keep reading to discover how network support services can help your business thrive and bring numerous advantages.

Basics of Computer Networks

Before we explore the advantages of outsourced technical support, let's first discuss some fundamental concepts about computer networks.

A computer network is an interconnected system of electronic devices that allows you to exchange data, files, and messages. You come into contact with the Internet - a viral computer network - every day!

Computer networks comprise diverse components that work together to form a system. This could include servers, routers, computers, printers, telephones, tablets, and even illumination systems.

Present-day innovative technology has enabled refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and dryers to become networked. These gadgets can communicate with one another through either copper wires or fiber optic cables. Besides taking advantage of wireless solutions such as Bluetooth and cellular networks, they can utilize other potentials.

What Is Network Support?

Now that we've gathered a better understanding of computer networks, what is network support, and why should businesses consider it?

Network support is a service that provides the necessary upkeep and maintenance of computer networks - as its name suggests. With it, your network can be kept up-to-date with all the latest security measures and advancements, so your data remains safe and secure. A network support specialist's duties may range from working with individual devices to managing the entire system.

Network support services are paramount to the success of any business, providing efficient help in maintaining their computer systems and ensuring that they remain operational. As we delve deeper into the conversation, this could range from setting up computers for new staff members to tackling network breakdowns.

Investing in a reliable IT network support team can immensely impact your business's productivity and success.

Get a Standardized System

Engaging a network support team can enhance the operations of your business, allowing you to establish a unified system for all areas. Avoid wasting your time and resources by creating a single, suitable network installation plan. Allowing many employees to set up their systems without supervision or guidance from you can lead to hundreds of incompatibilities that will cause significant delays in productivity for the whole organization.

This makes it nearly impossible to institute new solutions without reconstructing everyone's system. Communicating effectively with unconventional methods can be quite a challenge.

A network support team is well-versed in the gold standards of the computer industry and can assist you in configuring a system that meets those exact benchmarks.

Using the same system across the board, your team's communication ability will reach new heights. You are no more fighting over outdated versions or wondering which program is most up-to-date! Doing so can avoid any glitches or malfunctions that could result in extensive network outages and downtime.

Improve Your Security

With the rise of technology and digital systems, cybersecurity has become essential for any business hoping to succeed in today's world. Computers prove to be invaluable assets in the business world, from the recruitment of personnel and payroll management, all the way down to product creation and marketing. To stay ahead of the competition, it's essential to maintain a secure network.

It's a constant race between developers and hackers for the upper hand in security, yet as quickly as developers create new defensive strategies, hackers find ways to circumvent them. Your network support team will stay abreast of the latest and most advanced cybersecurity measures. By taking action now, you can safeguard your data and avoid wasting time, money, and resources due to cyberattacks.

Handle Computer Setup

Securing the necessary technology to ensure success is among the initial steps when you hire a new employee. Your business can be off and running by providing them with a computer system!

For your team to succeed, they must have access to the essential areas of your network and physical hardware, such as a monitor and printer. Do you want to ask one of your team members to pause their work and spend time setting up a new system?

You can expedite the computer setup process and prevent costly productivity losses or lengthy travel times by locating a local IT support company, such as one from West Hollywood.

They can guarantee that the new system keeps your firm's standards and grant complete access to pertinent programs and resources for your new team member. Their team can have the printers ready and fully connected to ensure your new hire seamlessly transitions into their role.

Improve Productivity

You may be surprised to discover that partnering with a network support team can drastically increase your company's efficiency and productivity.

By implementing this, your team will no longer have to invest their time in dealing with network issues. Utilizing their expertise, they can aptly provide the services you recruited them for and ensure that your customers are content.

Your committed network support team can partner with you to optimize your system's performance.

Specialists can build a network that performs quicker and connects more easily with your system. They can uncover solutions that give you the most sought-after features while saving time and making your life easier.

Troubleshoot Daily Issues

Although a system may be painstakingly designed, issues will occasionally arise. You can bypass the most disastrous network events by taking the required safety measures.

Occasionally, a team member may have difficulty accessing the program they need, or your printer might shut down.

To get your team back on track more quickly, the services of a local IT support team can be invaluable in solving any technical issues. With their expertise, fixing common issues is a piece of cake for them. They know exactly what to do and how to solve any problems that arise. And since network management is their core responsibility, they can address the issue while your other colleagues concentrate on different aspects of their job.

Resolve Larger Network Problems

Apart from minor, everyday glitches, your business may need more significant structural problems with its network setup. As your company grows or new technologies become available to enhance daily operations, you may need an upgrade to stay on top of the game.

Even if you're in a pinch with something as simple as your printer not connecting, the problem is more complex than you anticipated and requires addressing more significant network issues.

Your IT services team is here to assist you with these transitions and help you discover the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs.

If you're looking to upgrade your current system, their expertise in the field can ensure you get a solution tailored perfectly to meet your needs. From start to finish, they'll be there by your side, guiding and advising you every step of the way. If you need to make any amendments or modifications to your current system, they can do this swiftly and with minimal disruption for your team.

Reduce Downtime

Do you know that network downtime or slow running can not only be infuriating but also cost your business a substantial amount of money?

Suppose each of your employees spends one hour every week attempting to figure out the network instead of being able to concentrate on their tasks. With only ten employees making an annual salary of $35,000 each, the cost of downtime can quickly amount to a staggering loss of up to $12,000 annually.

An adept network support team can help minimize costs and maintain consistent performance from your network. Not only can they effectively solve any issues that arise, but they can also pinpoint the daily work obstacles restraining your team members' progress. They can take care of any bumps in the road and guarantee a smooth sailing process.

Lower Operations Costs

You may not expect it, but outsourcing technical support services could be a cost-efficient solution for your organization. You'll indeed have to invest in these services, but the associated costs (which we'll delve into later) will still generate a profit at the end of your efforts. For illustration purposes, let's consider a company of ten employees with an annual salary of $35,000 each.

Allowing your network to suffer from frequent slowdowns will cost your business an estimated $12,000 annually. On the other hand, if it experiences twenty hours of downtime in one full year - that's another whopping $3,500 lost!

Professional network support doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg; you can receive quality technical assistance for significantly less. Furthermore, the money you save from not owning a network support team is an additional advantage.

Stay Up to Date

As you may have gathered from some of the points we've already discussed, keeping your network up to date is very important. By regularly updating your network, you can considerably enhance the security and productivity of your business. Staying on top of the most recent improvements in computer networks can be an uphill task.

By contrast, your tech support team can provide the essential time and energy to remain current with the swiftly evolving technology sphere. Taking the time to inform you of new openings and plan how they could be executed in your work environment can help you make the most of potential opportunities. With their help, you can narrow down the solutions that won't work for your business, so all you need to worry about is running it—because they will ensure your network remains in capable hands.

Address Your Hardware Needs

Are you overwhelmed trying to find the right personal computer? It's so easy to get lost in reviews within minutes of searching. Choosing the proper hardware for your computer purchase can be overwhelming, even for a single device. Do you need help determining when to use a repeater hub rather than a protocol converter? Don't stress! Here's what you should know to make an informed decision and optimize your network.

A reliable IT support company can provide the necessary hardware to maintain a stable, dependable system. Their expertise will guide you in choosing the required components, offer advice on the best options for each, and set them up correctly.

Not only can they alert you when it is time to upgrade various components of your hardware, but the team will also work diligently to ensure that the upgrades adhere to and meet your allocated budget.


How much would you pay to get a network support team that can offer all these incredible advantages? Your network support expenditure depends upon the location of your business, how much aid you require, and more. However, specific price ranges can give you a general indication of how much money to budget.

Regarding desktop computer management, you should be prepared to invest approximately $50 per device.

With expert server management, you can pay around $250 per month for each server.

If you want full network support, prepare to pay approximately $300 per month. Additional services will incur additional fees.

Discover the Benefits of Outsourced Technical Support

Investing in network support for your company is a surefire way to increase productivity and save you time and money.

Having an external tech support team at your disposal will ensure that you're always equipped with the most effective solutions for your business while keeping all of its systems up to date. They can swiftly resolve any network issues, enhance the efficiency of your network operations, and help you avoid various costly downtime expenses.


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