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IT Issues on Vocal? Here's A Quick Review Of A Few Options When Problems Surface

Wide-ranging applications to all digital media platforms quite possible

By The Dani WriterPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
IT Issues on Vocal? Here's A Quick Review Of A Few Options When Problems Surface
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It is an inevitable reality, that life in a world of digital technology, digital problems surface.

The Vocal platform is no exception.

I've seen a couple of glitches come up here and there. Maybe you have too. Nothing excessive, but maybe you've been grumbling and griping about it. I feel you. But if you have time to read this, it might help a little bit. You have options. Of course you do! So I'm gonna review just a few in no particular order:

Have a look at that support tab

Yeah, that the bottom right...underneath the Twitter logo. Hit that and then the 'submit a request' tab next page top right to gain an audience with a member of the Vocal Team and explain your issue whether you have paid membership or not. If you're not feeling particularly articulate or succinct, take a page from the SBAR communication model. Describe your situation and give brief background info. Then clarify what you've tried and what you need for resolution of your problem. There is no shame at all in politely asking for a time frame if one is not provided. Follow up and provide feedback like only you can do. You are a Vocal member and that means something. Without the membership, the platform wouldn't exist. You are more than important. You're essential.

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Stop writing entirely

Decide that writing is too difficult with the occasional IT software platform glitch and that you just cannot go on. Revoke membership from all of your Vocal Creator support groups and let all your creative writing aspects come to a grinding halt. What is the point of being able to publish almost instantly if at some unknown point in the future top stories on the loading page don't update for a day or two? Or your story temporarily isn't saving the editing changes you've made? Or you have to wait a tad bit longer for your story to be published due to burgeoning Vocal Media Creator membership success? Heavens to Betsy that's enough!

Keep writing regardless

If you still have access to Microsoft Word, Google docs, blackboard io, or a stack of post-it notes and a pencil, you can just keep those ideas flowing until problems in this arena resolve as they generally do. The masterpieces in you cannot be stopped when software issues arise. They are way too powerful for that and if they aren't, find a way to develop your writing to a higher standard here and don't stop until you're there. In the meantime, line edit your work. Review it and examine how you can improve clarity. Check grammar and word choice. Perform some troubleshooting on your own written product. Make corrections and keep on writing. It will be a time investment well spent.

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Sit, stew, and mope about it—throw a few things

Get your mope on. Stew long enough to eviscerate tomatoes. Neglect showers and deodorant. Block out sunlight, moonlight, starlight. Let family and friends stop carrying on with their everyday lives and really start to worry about you. Get mega upset and do nothing. Or get mega upset and throw your favorite tea or coffee mug. Wait—not with tea or coffee in it! Empty it first! Oh well. You gon' hafta clean that mess up eventually unless you hire a cleaning service. If you do have cleaning staff, go ahead and throw something else. Don't you dare hit anybody! Has nothing changed? No? Great, you're doing it right.

Clear your head by doing something else for a while

Okay, so I'm old school and still use a Wii gaming console. A message comes on after so 30 mins or so with some of the game discs, reminding you to take a break for a few minutes. But writers, MAN are we a different breed! A substantial percentage of us will shove breaks off a certain death cliff. We can write pretty much nonstop for hours, days, weeks even. We're obsessed hyperfocused, and unwavering in the delivery of our creation. We want it finished. No negotiation. No breaks. But we live in a dualistic universe where balance is mandated. Day. Night. Give. Take. Work. Rest. When there are system issues, it's an ideal reminder that time away can refresh your mind so that you can return an even better writer because you now have fresh perspective.

Do the obvious and then...

So, you've cleared your PC or device of the junk and cookies. You've tried a different internet service browser: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome etc. Done the antivirus scan, completed troubleshooting, rebooted, and sent an urgent message to the Vocal Team and there are still glitches on the Vocal platform. Then...we're at that point in the movie series Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with witch and wizard arriving outside the Whomping Willow tree for the second time. Hermione repeats Harry's words, "And now, we wait." You can have zero patience and still be a writer. But I'm willing to bet that you won't have nearly as much fun.

Go and join another writing platform

There are no figurative chains here, so yes you can do that. But just some insider intel as I'm a member of a number of online writing groups whose membership is from some of those writing platforms: A lot of writers are complaining about these major writing outlets (I'm not naming names as I'm sure you may have heard of them so no need to stoop to such levels.) We're referring to trash-talking comments from members in capital letters and bold fonts. And are you gonna get the quality for value ratio that you can here at Vocal? Have you checked? I have. And that's a "No" from me. I would caution you to be realistic. There is not currently a writer's utopia where everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. If you believe there is, I've got some libidinous adjectives and nasty humorous phrases I'd like to sell you at knock-off prices.

Downgrade your membership to unpaid

If you don't feel like you're getting value for money, downgrade to an unpaid membership and keep writing. Vocal Media wants the work of all writers, whether they can pay membership fees for Vocal+ or not. I would be all ears to hear how far you get publishing on another international platform that has clear, straightforward, guidance, paid bonuses, excellent writing resources, read-generated income, generous support options, plus a few challenges in a safe protected environment for free sans advertisements. Go ahead. Find it. I'll wait.

Use your downtime wisely for phenomenal growth

Writers are artists. And as with all creative pursuits, writers should want to get better at writing. Expand. Develop. In life, anything that doesn't grow dies. Writers are not exempt. No one is saying that you have to scale a mountain by writing a novel next month, but you do need to notice a consistent improvement in your craft. You can have a blast and become an author of note too by taking classes, joining a writer's circle, entering a writing contest, reading something awe-inspiring, checking out digital writing tools, or listening to a podcast or video. Learning is learning. I'm humbly willing to bet that before your excitement for that activity wanes, you may have had confirmation or update on your Vocal IT support request.

Personal Note: If you've thought about getting into writing and haven't yet, here is your sign. Try it. It's fun!

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  • Babs Iverson2 years ago

    Outstanding piece and a fabulous read!

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