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Is Vocal+ Membership worth it?

by Aamir Kamal 2 years ago in product review · updated 5 months ago
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Why you need to buy a Vocal+ subscription if you are serious about writing on Vocal.

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I have seen some writers writing on Vocal Media and getting thousands of reads every day but still, they don't have Vocal+ membership. Seeing these things make me sad as they are losing big money. I will share some stats with you guys that will open your eyes and will make you subscribe to Vocal+ membership. Alternatively, there are some Vocal creators that are in Vocal+ membership but aren't writing stories, we will share some of the tips for those guys too.

I, get a Vocal+ subscription when I find out that my traffic will be more than 500 reads a day. If anyone is getting 500 reads a day then this means that the creator is getting 15K reads a month. A writer on Vocal, reaching 500 reads a day should be your first goal, why? because it will make you a profitable writer on Vocal. There is a considerable difference between the money made by a non-vocal+ creator and a Vocal+ creator. We, through using a simple mathematical calculation will find it.

Anyone Can Make Money on Vocal:

Yes, you can make money. I have written a very detailed article about making money writing on Vocal.

But, the differentiator is when you invest some money into Vocal to increase your earnings. Last year, in 2019, Vocal paid over $100,000 to creators. This isn't a very big amount of money as Medium which is one of the alternatives of Vocal, is paying that much amount of money in just one month. I believe this is because Vocal is fairly a new company compared to Medium and in the coming four to five years, it could achieve more things. It is just a 4-years old company.

How much does Vocal+ Membership cost?

Vocal+ subscription costs $9.99/Month or $99/Year. This amount of money maybe not be a problem if you are getting reads on daily basis. If you are serious enough to make money on Vocal then for one month, just write on Vocal and don't join Vocal+ membership, join the Vocal+ membership In the second month of your Vocal Media journey.

Comparison between Vocal+ and Non-Vocal+ members:

For 1,000 reads, a Vocal+ member will make $6 while a non-Vocal+ will make $3.8 for the very same reads.

You will be charged 2% of service charges for Tips as a Vocal+ member, while a Non-Vocal+ member will have to pay 6% service charges.

Vocal Challenges are only for Vocal+ members. To be included in Vocal challenges, you need to be in Vocal+ member.

As a Vocal+ creator, you can get a minimum threshold of $20 while a Non-Vocal+ member will have a payment threshold of $35

Vocal+ members can get access to new release features like getting people to follow your account, can have access to make your own publications, and many more new features. Join Vocal+ here

Also, a Vocal+ subscription shows that you are serious about writing on Vocal Media and it might create a better opportunity for you. I write on this platform quite regularly, have written over 100 articles on this platform till now. And, I am glad that I discovered this platform and start putting content regularly. I have made over $136 till now and that too in two months of the time period. I think Vocal is a good platform to spend my time and share anything and everything I know. There is some platform that is very very brand-specific like Medium. I have made over $2,000 writing on Medium but still, I would prefer to write on Vocal then Medium. I am very grateful for writing on Vocal as well as Medium.

Is Vocal+ Subscription worth it?

Yes, if you are serious about writing and making money on Vocal. No, if you just want to try for the fun of it.

Let say, two creators on Vocal, one is a Vocal+ member while the other isn't in the Vocal+, both of these creators receive 30K reads last month.

The Vocal+ creator will make $180 minus $10 of the Vocal+ subscription while the creator that isn't in the Vocal+ will make $114. The Vocal+ creator makes $56 more than a normal Vocal creator. This is what makes Vocal+ a better membership or subscription for me. You should definitely try it out if you are regularly writing on Vocal and have a good number of reads.

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