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Is SurveyWorld Legit? Can you Make Money With SurveyWorld?

by Aamir Kamal 2 days ago in how to

Make money filling surveys on Surveyworld, in this article we will review SurveyWorld and then discuss how you can make money from this site.

Is SurveyWorld Legit? Can you Make Money With SurveyWorld?
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Is Survey World Legit? Can you Make Money with Survey World?

Survey world was established in 2017 and operated by e-Bron marketing and the headquarters is in the Netherlands. However, a word of caution is not to confuse this site with iSurvey world who has an almost similar design and of course name!

Overview of SurveyWorld

There is so little background information concerning Survey World and the company that runs it and whoever the team management are. Lack of sufficient information concerning all these necessary details makes most people cautious about this venture.

Most of the time in several experiences, when such a scenario happens where there is little or no information about a site, it could mean that there is something to hide or some bit of covering the tracks going on. In case you don’t know the person running the site or the stakeholders behind it, it is not easy for an average Jane or Joe to bring forward a lawsuit.

When you check their Facebook page, they claim that they are an impartial and independent type of community of market research companies. They don’t send you any online surveys that you can take or have any user testing which can manage any of the rewards.

What they do is inform you about the research. So according to their description, they are more of a survey aggregator site like Survey Momma, survey compare, survey freedom, or survey spotter.

What is a survey aggregator site?

Most people may wonder what a survey aggregator site is. The sites are also commonly known as survey routers; these are examples of websites that don’t have their surveys but will instead either redirect a user to the survey provider's websites where you have to take the surveys or aggregate the surveys of the third-party providers directly onto their websites.

When the sites are effectively managed like on Inbox Pounds, Points Prizes, and Daily Rewards, any user can be whisked away to a third-party site. Additionally, the points that you earn on the sites will still be credited to the account on the site that redirected you.

In the case of SurveyWorld, which is not as expected, they are only affiliated with the sites that they strictly recommend and for every individual site that you recommend, an interested user will have to sign up and join.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, SurveyWorld works as a business that is very easy to understand. The site functions on a combination of direct affiliate marketing and a cost-per-action marketing website. You get to earn some cash when someone signs up for the recommended survey sites and joins them.

It all depends on the sites that they recommend you to join because you will notice that a certain percentage of your earnings go to the site itself without it having any effect at all on the income. SurveyWorld is for any person from any country and they can join and participate as long as they stick to the stated restrictions if any that will apply to each individual site that you get redirected to.

As a general rule of thumb, in case you are above 18 and residing in the UK, US, or Canada you will be able to join and get earnings from almost every survey site on the internet.

Getting started with SurveyWorld

How does one get started with SurveyWorld? It is not very straightforward or clear as to how you can join or get started with SurveyWorld. Effectively speaking, the site has nothing on its own for you to join or get started with. You won’t even notice a ‘sign up’ or ‘join now’ button anywhere on the website. Instead, you will come across a variety of displayed promotions where you get directed to a landing page.

What you need to do is sign up to their email list where you will regularly receive promotional emails that are related to the survey sites which they are promoting. Searching for and finding the sign-up form is so much difficult and many times you will have to get in touch with them so that they help you find the appropriate link.

Additionally, keep in mind that for every single site that they will recommend to you, you will have to sign up for them and go through the signing up process and fill out your profile information on every site which is so much convenient for you.

Making money with the survey world is very easy

But they are very strict in that you will not make any money with them at all if you don’t take part in their surveys or do anything at all on their laid-out site. They are your only referrer. Because you are signing up to other sites that they direct you to, take part in their surveys and be rewarded by those individual sites. The recommended sites for you will pay you and you will make more money. How much you make on this site will depend on how best and accurate you will completely take part in the surveys that they will offer you.

One or two of the sites that will recommend having the occasional opportunity to do some bit of product testing.

Earn with SurveyWorld

Just how much can you earn with SurveyWorld? You could earn money thanks to SurveyWorld but the amount you get will differ from site to site, how often you get the surveys, and also how much they will pay for every survey that you take. Most survey sites won't give you much money as you would expect; you can compare them to a side income only with worse low-income sites giving you as much as$10 to $20 every month, middle of the road survey sites get you $20 to $30 while the top end ones make you earn $30 to $40 each month.

Every site requires you to manage various payout methods or minimum payout thresholds. How do you get paid using SurveyWorld? The payment methods change from site to site with the most common payout methods being PayPal, BitCoin, by check, and Gift Cards. The least payout threshold changes depending on the site and the vary from $10 to $20. You will have to manage and get a hold of those payments for each site.

I hope this helps.

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Aamir Kamal
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