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Is it worth hiring Indian developers for Startup App Development?

by Abhijit Roy about a year ago in business
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Hiring Indian Developers for Startup APP Development

Is it worth hiring Indian developers for Startup App Development?
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India is the leading outsourcing country for app development services. Many prominent European and American companies use the Indian software development industry services for mobile app development instead of using the local workforce. India has a vast, highly skilled, professional IT industry that caters to the whole world's software development needs. India has the maximum number of mobile app developers globally, and it's growing every year. If you are searching for mobile app developers for your start-up, Indian developers should be on your watch list due to the following reasons.

• Huge talented pool of App Developers

India has a big pool of app developers due to many young students opting to make their careers in the IT sector. Indian app developers are proficient in all the important app development frameworks and languages. You can find specialized experts in all niches of mobile app development in India for all the platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For all the frameworks like React Native, AngularJS, Full Stack, Java, PHP, Python etc. Indian app developers keep themselves updated with the developing technologies and are among the pioneers in developing and adapting to new technologies.

• High-quality services at cost-effective rates

In a comparison of the western countries, the charges of mobile app developers in India are fairly cheaper while still keeping the quality of service at par with western standards. It is the main reason for the boom in outsourcing services in the IT sector in India. The wages and cost of living are quite low in India compared to developed countries, allowing the companies to hire skilled labour at cheap rates.

However, this does not affect the quality of services. The knowledge and skills of Indian developers are of top quality. Indian IT companies follow international best practices standards in operating their business. The majority of app development organizations in India get global quality management certificates like ISO, TQM and Six Sigma certification.

• Flexibility and Client satisfaction

For a Startup, flexibility is essential while hiring a mobile app developer. Indian app development industry is known to provide a dedicated expert team customized to your individual project needs and budget. This leads to efficient project management where you can have clear communication and a higher level of control by having a team leader for your support. You can schedule meetings and review from time to time to check on the progress. Startups have many important business areas to deal with; having a reliable team for app development can save you a lot of time and money.

• English language proficiency

The language for higher education in India is invariably English. India has the second largest English speaking population in the world. All the programmers and app developers in India are well versed in English, unlike other non-English IT-rich countries. Also, app developers in India are trained in the western work-place culture, ethics and professionalism. The working attitude of Indian app developers is very optimistic, hard-working and ready to take on complex challenges.

• Adapted to working in all time-zones

Indian IT sector is famed for being able to provide high quality customer support service round the clock. Mobile App developers in India get adjusted to your time-zone schedules for communication and use their time zone for working in the back-end. This results in cost reduction and speedy completion of the project, giving you a huge advantage.


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