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Is Fanfiction a Valid Form of Writing?

Is a writer a writer no matter what they write?

By Elise L. BlakePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Is Fanfiction a Valid Form of Writing?
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  • Do you write stories about characters that already exist?
  • Do you love writing about your favorite book or movie characters falling in love with someone they hadn’t in the original story?
  • Does writing about your two favorite characters from different genres meeting bring you joy?

Maybe you just really hated the ending of a certain story so you decide to change it for yourself into what you think it should have been.

Even if you didn’t answer yes to every one of these questions…

You are a fanfiction WRITER. It's in the name.

Fanfiction has been around for as long as writing has been.

Just in case you didn’t know it. The most established Fanfiction writer is in fact Shakespeare himself, including his most famous story of Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare’s principal source for the plot was The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet (1562), a long narrative poem by the English poet Arthur Brooke, who had based his poem on a French translation of a tale by the Italian Matteo Bandello.

Fanfiction wasn’t always known to be the big taboo that is it today. At one point it was absolutely allowed as seen by the example of Shakespeare.

So why do so many people look down on Fanfiction?

There is some hideous fanfiction out there, but there are also so many amazing stories out there as well. So why do people hate it?

To some, Fanfiction is seen as theft or unoriginality in writing. This is usually followed by comments about bad grammar or unorganized writing.

To those people, I say… so what?

Many Fanfiction writers are amateur writers, they don’t have editors and publishers to check over their work and only one in a few dozen will have someone beta read their work. Most of the time that person is just as inexperienced as the first.

All they have to rely on is peer feedback provided by those who love the original story and characters as much as the writer.

In my opinion, Fanfiction writers are some of the best writers out there.


They write for the love of writing and for the love of the story they believe should be told. They don’t write for money and that should be at the heart of all writing.

I’ve read Fanfiction that was better than the original stories! Some stories out there have better endings than their original authors gave them.

Maybe Jacob did belong with Bella.

What about publishing Fanfiction? Isn’t this illegal?

Yes, it is. Unless it is on a site exclusively for fiction with the inclusion of the phrase, “characters belong to, etc… etc…”

You should never publish a story that isn’t 100% yours.

But, this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to have your story told.

The best example of this recently is the Fifty Shades of Grey series written by E.L. James. This was originally Fanfiction based on…

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

Do you know what Twilight is based on?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Inspiration has to come from somewhere. Humans are not able to think of something brand new that has never been thought of before.

Fanfiction is the perfect way to begin writing, with sites such as You can post your writing and get real feedback from others who love the story and characters just like you.

This will help you grow your skills, get used to criticism and constructive feedback, and all-around make you a better author.

If you’ve written an amazing story that you want to turn into publishable work…

Take that Fanfiction and put it through a paper shredder. Then pick up just the basic plot you followed, and make your own characters, and setting.

Obviously, if you change Hogwarts, a school in the highlands of Scotland into Hogboils, a school in the highlands of Scotland… that’s not going to really be enough.

Just like Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey both took place in the state of Washington, nothing about their description even seemed to place them in the same realm as each other.

Yes, Fanfiction writers are valid writers.

Everyone starts from somewhere, and even if you write Fanfiction and you never plan to publish your writing. You are still a valid writer.

A writer doesn’t have to be a professional author, they just have to write.

Those that write what they love, and write out of love are the best writers there can be.

Keep writing, whatever you write.

You’re doing an amazing job.

B. King


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Elise L. Blake

Elise is a full-time writing coach and novelist. She is a recent college graduate from Southern New Hampshire University where she earned her BA in Creative Writing.

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