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Implant a tipping point in the activity

by Daniel Lindsey 2 months ago in business
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Methodology of Internet operation master

Last class we talked about the five elements that need attention to do a good job in an activity, that is, purpose, rhythm, gimmick & interest points, gameplay, resource integration.

Today we are going to look at how a campaign can expand its impact and even explode by adding a little spice to a few of these five elements. Through analysis of a large number of activities, I have found that tipping points can be found in gimmicks, profit points, gameplay, and resource integration.

First, disassemble brush screen activities

I still remember the H5 of Tencent Charity, "Children's Gallery", which has been widely used in moments. It is an H5 showing paintings of autistic children, complete with introduction of paintings, introduction of children and voice. It leads you to spend a dollar on a virtual painting of a child, which can be used as a screensaver and you can choose the painting you like.

Because of the H5, the fundraising project, called "Light Your Life With Art," quickly raised more than its goal. Before the H5 spread, the same project had been uploaded to Tencent Charity, but its performance was mediocre.

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Where is the explosive point of this H5-based activity?

We can break down the gimmicks, the benefits, and the gameplay.

The gimmick: A little gallery for autistic children

The benefit point is: a dollar can buy a painting to show love

The gameplay is: you can personalized choose a painting that meets your own taste to buy, but also can hear the creator's voice introduction, convenient to share moments.

First of all, this gimmick can attract people's attention, but it is not enough, because many public welfare projects can attract attention, the conversion rate and transmission rate is so high, I think it is the benefit points and gameplay for it to add a lot of points.

Ordinary public welfare projects do not have interest points, after rendering emotion, you will be asked to donate money, but it may be very high anchor point, generally donate 50, 100, not everyone can participate. Seems like you'd be embarrassed to give less. This activity directly said 1 yuan to buy the painting, not to donate, but to buy the painting, and added a little play. The gameplay is interactive and personalized, meaning you can choose the painting yourself. Sharing it on moments can show you have taste and love for paintings. 1 yuan is worth it.

Another case in point is "Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou," the handsome 2016 film by the new minister of World Affairs.

Let's take a look at the gimmicks, the benefits, the gameplay.

The gimmick: escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou after 4 hours

Bonus: 30 free tickets to an unknown destination

The first 30 people to arrive at the airport, first come, first served, take off immediately

When you do that, you can tell which element triggered the activity. I think it's gimmicks and gameplay, not profit points. Really isn't much of a ticket 30 big budget, ctrip, where to go, or airlines also can provide such a prize, but I don't have the previous stunts like and then poke north bleaching gens heart, play is usually forward the screenshot to the public, the background, give you a lottery yards, the lottery in the next few days that make people feel more commercialized, And they may suspect something is up, and they don't have the patience to wait a few days before the draw. This gimmick can not only stamp people's hearts, and the gameplay is simple, what you see is what you get, immediately unveiled, play is the heartbeat, let people whether to go to the airport or not want to forward the spiritual support and attention.

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The above two activity cases show that one or more of the gimmicks, points of interest, and gameplay are likely to ignite the activity.

The above two activities can satisfy people's spiritual needs in terms of gimmicks, but most of the daily activities are not so popular, especially when there is pressure to increase fans and increase sales. Here are two more practical and universal ways to expand dissemination.

Second, make good use of fission play and "key person marketing" to amplify the sound volume of activities.

(I) Fission gameplay

First look at fission, now there are still some dividend fission play in the wechat ecosystem.

What is fission? In short, it is a viral marketing method that turns 1 into 2,2 into 4, and 4 into 16. Many of the courses that Max out your moments use fission marketing. For example, NetEase play essence came out to lecture the micro class, as well as sell financial courses more popular long investment college, rely on the fission of the circle of friends.

There are four common fission plays:

1. Community fission

That is, through the wechat group to fission, the potential user circle to the wechat group. The core logic is to force users to share screenshots and review them in order to get benefits, such as free classes.

2. Mission treasure fission

Its essence is crowdfunding, using the strong relationship between friends to achieve fission and spread, for the service number powder. Common are: pull a person to get gifts, haggling, raffle, collection card, etc.

3. Small program fission

Small program fission is the most complex and diverse, commonly categorized as a group, help, lottery, resurrection, test, etc., because of the variety of gameplay, powder effect is obvious, once became the tuyere for 18 years.

4. Personal number fission

Similar to group fission, but is directly for the personal number powder, precipitation users to personal wechat as private domain traffic

The above play has the corresponding tools to achieve, you can Baidu search keywords to find tools, I do not do specific recommendations here. But remember, successful fission = profit points + seed users + posters + words - action cost, that is to say, your profit points need to be sufficient, need a number of seed users to ignite, need several sets of posters and words to change the patterns to stimulate users, and the action cost is also low. That is, let the user to do that thing can not be too troublesome, once it exceeds the level of interest it wants for this point, she stops, breaks the transmission.

2. "Key Person Marketing"

Before we said fission this kind of play, online activities can play the role of amplifier, and finally, the element of resource integration, we can do a good job of "key person marketing", so that key people for our use, can also make the activity spread more. Each stage of the activity requires key people to amplify the effect, which is also one of the most profound embodiment of the operation of the four thinking "leveraged thinking" scenario.

Speaking of Key people, many people easily associate with KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Here I use Key people instead of KOL in an attempt to expand the scope of this group. KOL mostly refers to has been relatively hot, has been in the commercial cash, the need to pay for those people. And the key people will be broader, including those who are rising, potential, forming Kols, including your loyal users, star employees. For companies with no money and resources to do activities, how to leverage key people (without spending money) is particularly important.

What do you do with key people? There are three common uses. ① Invite key people to try products or explore stores, and produce experience reports; ② Invite key people to participate in offline activities of the brand, interact with media and ordinary users, and share experience; ③ Invite key people and brands to distribute benefits together to expand the influence. For example, when purchasing, you can enjoy discounts/benefits by entering the exclusive coupon code of key people.

Well, that's it for today. I explained to you in the gimmicks, points of interest, gameplay, key marketing efforts, the activity may detonate. In addition to these, I introduced you to make good use of the current popular wechat fission and key person marketing, can make the activity spread more.


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