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by Reinventing Her by Tresa Leftenant, CFP® 2 months ago in advice
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By Tresa Leftenant

What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made? What’s the best decision you’ve ever made? I think about those questions, and I realize that many, if not all, of my worst decisions, were because of some incorrect or confused thoughts I had. Those thoughts were about who I was, what I wanted and what might happen in the future. My actions were a response to everything going on around me. Without realizing what I was thinking the actions I took were preventing me from making good choices in life.

Like a kaleidoscope, our lives are always in motion, and it is the act of choice that makes it move and change. In every moment of our life, we are making choices, both big and small. And our choices have a huge impact on the quality of our life. Over time, our life takes on the appearance of the many choices we have made over the years.

Your life reflects the thoughts and choices you make from moment to moment.

We are making choices all the time, whether we realize it or not. Making good choices in life is what we are trying to do. We choose our thoughts, our moods, our attitudes, our actions, our responses. We choose the kind of life and the kind of person we are and want to be. In every moment.

Before we make a choice, we have a thought that motivates that choice. Since our choices impact our lives, we’ve got to be good stewards of every thought in our mind. When we make a choice, we are also accepting the consequences that come with that choice. When we make choices, two significant forces influence the decisions we make.


Our lives often appear to us as a singular event, with no field of choices available. When we see our lives in this way, we create enormous limitations for ourselves. We think we are too fat and decide we can’t lose weight. We see ourselves as too old, so we don’t try anything new. We think we only have certain skills at work, so we don’t apply for the job that we really want. What’s worse is that we often aren’t aware of our limiting self-judgment. This self-judgment sabotages the very dreams of the life we want to be living.

To dissolve the limiting thoughts that prevent us from making good choices in life, we need to become alert and aware of them. We need to see past our singular view and look at the full spectrum of possibilities that are available to us.


The second force in our mind that impacts our sense of choice is the opposite of limitation. It is allowing ourselves to imagine what’s possible, and to then choose from a place of possibility.

To change the results in our lives, to take our lives to a higher level, we must first imagine that something better is possible. By making good choices in life, you are opening the possibilities of what can happen.

If we aren’t aware of the limiting thoughts we have, it will come as a surprise when our lives don’t change or if they feel out of control. If we start focusing on something other than limiting factors in our lives, they will change for the better. Tearing down our old way of thinking and replacing it with a new one is the only way we can change our lives for the better.

The secret to getting what we want in life is to imagine what’s possible and then act upon those possibilities. Successful people from all walks of life are successful because they can imagine something better. Then they followed through with making it happen, by making good choices in life.

Michelangelo saw his statue of David first in his mind and then brought it to life through his hands. His whole philosophy around sculpting the statue was that the figure of David already existed in the stone. All he was doing was chipping away at the pieces to reveal it. You can do the same. You can see what’s possible with your mind’s eye, and then through making good choices in life, bring that vision to reality.

It’s important to accept that thought and choice work together if you are going to turn your worst decisions into your best decisions. To get more of what we want in life, we must first create a strong vision in our minds. Then we can choose the steps to make that vision a reality in our life.


Our internal world of thoughts has enormous power over our external world. This power means we can change our circumstances in life by changing our thoughts. All that we will do, and all that we want to be, comes from the person we are right now in our mind.

So, what do you want to take place in your life?

- What would you like to take place over the next six months?

- Where do you want to be with your family, your business, your health, or your personal development?

It’s all a matter of choosing – first in mind, and then in the choices that flow from your thoughts.

Whatever it is you want to happen in your life, permit yourself to become someone new, and watch how that choice alone can change your life. Instead of roadblocks, picture yourself succeeding. Instead of barriers, imagine yourself accomplishing your goals. Those that are making good choices in life are more likely to succeed at their goals.

See it, hear it, feel it.

When you talk to yourself about what you want, do so as if you have already achieved it. Create a strong vision of who you want to become. Believe that you are becoming this very person.

Define your ideal, and then imagine that ideal – right now!

Every morning when you rise and every night before you go to sleep, like an upbeat movie playing in your mind, review that vision of who you want to be. View your future as though it’s already happening.

Hold in your mind the vision of the person you want to be, and then choose and act deliberately toward realizing that vision. Acting on that vision will lead to happiness, fulfillment and living a wonderful life! And remember, making good choices in life is imperative to being successful!


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Reinventing Her by Tresa Leftenant, CFP®

Creator of The Money Stress Solution: 7 Essential Inner Habits for More Confidence, Clarity, and Financial Wellbeing for Suddenly Single Women

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