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If You Want to Be Rich, Work Part Time

Being time rich is the new definition of success

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 5 min read
If You Want to Be Rich, Work Part Time
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Grinding my way to the top only led me down a path of self-destruction, depression and darkness. In the end, suicide seemed like the only way I could escape.

Or I could quit my job and move halfway across the world. I mean, if it all went to shit, I could still kill myself. So I may as well try.

It's been almost a year now, and my frame of mind changed massively. Quitting my job has made me realise there's more to life than grinding away for a paycheque. Now I have time to; draw, meditate, make music, read, learn German, learn code and nap. Life is better without the pressure of "success". I have my own definition of success, I have more time than anyone needs, I work part-time. Therefore I am time rich.

Time is worth more than money

In my previous job, I had no free time. When I wasn't at work, there were emails to reply to, and interviews to schedule. My free time was spent trying the loose ends.

Work followed me home and haunted me in my dreams. The only escape, alcohol. I was numb on the inside; I no longer felt anything.

Now I sit here in an empty forest, writing this article on my notepad. I have found true happiness by working part-time. I am totally relaxed and stress-free. With all my free time, I can pursue my passions. I realise that I won't be rich, but damn, do I feel happy.

This time can be used to grow myself and my relationships. I'm investing in myself, not in a company that took my mental health for granted.

Life is priceless

I put my mental health on the line for a company that didn't care for anything except money. Once I quit, they rapidly forgot I even existed. Never forget that you are a disposable sack of meat; there will be another idiot willing to fill your space. It's all about the dollar bills for these businesses.

Life is worth more than a paycheck. Your time is priceless; it never comes back. There are no refunds or discounts. If you waste time at a job you hate, then you waste your life. If you have to work a job, you hate, reduce the hours.

Realise that your time is priceless; no amount of money can buy back wasted time.

People are selfish

Employers rarely care about you. They are incredibly selfish. They will lie to keep you working for them. Why?

It's easier for them to keep you than it is to interview, hire and train someone new.

I learnt this after I handed in my notice. Head office told me I was crazy, that I was acting too Impulsively. They kept on repeating how excellent my position was. It's crazy to give up such a secure position, Especially mid-pandemic. It would be better for me to stay and help the company out and work towards a bright future.

It didn't matter about my future in the company; in fact, I didn't want a future at all.

I needed to be selfish; I had one shot at being happy. It was a literal life or death situation.

Saving isn't that hard

To be clear, I sold almost everything I owned and paid off the remaining debts before I moved country. This meant I arrived in Germany with a clean slate; it was a totally fresh start. Others may not have that privilege, I understand that.

Before I arrived, I researched cheaper cities to live in. The more affordable rent gave me more flexibility to save money. In my time here, I have truly realised the power of money, you can stretch money when you really need to. I still buy the essential foods on a small budget, pay for minimal subscriptions, and pay rent. By thinking ahead and bulk cooking, I can make healthy, sustainable meals. After paying rent and bills, I have still had some money to play with. It is still possible to have a rainy day fund . Again, this won't make me a millionaire. It is only a healthy amount of money for emergencies or a big treat.

Don't worry about others.

For some reason, everyone turns their nose up at entry-level jobs. Why is it so bad working in a cafe? Or even as a food delivery driver? To avoid the shame of working such jobs, people spend their lives working a job they despise. Neglecting their happiness for a paycheck. In return, they try buying happiness. It's a vicious cycle, my friend; you can't buy happiness.

Your life can be better when you forge more time to enjoy the more minor things. Of course, you won't become a millionaire. But once again, you'll have a zest for life. It's those precious extra minutes that can bring true joy.

Poor man, rich mind

Never have I been so content with life. I'm finally reaching a point of this so-called "work-life" balance. I have enough money to bop along each month, learning code and German along the way. Everything I do is improving my mind, body and knowledge. I'm a poor man who's incredibly time rich, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It took suicide to make me realise I was doing life wrong; I'm hoping it won't be the same for you. I don't know your situation, and you may not be in the position to drop everything and move countries; I understand that. But if you have no responsibilities, children, debts. Fuck it, why the hell not try something significant? See how life turns out in a new city or a new country. Make small or massive changes; as long as you're making progress towards being happy, that's all that matters.

When I first started this job, I was embarrassed to tell my friends. Over time I have lost the need to impress people as true happiness began to creep in. Other people can judge me as they grind their way through a horrible unfulfilling life; that's their problem. As long as I have my friends, family and my health, nothing else matters. It's happiness that is the goal, not a number on an ATM.

Life isn't about money. It's about smiling, building relationships, and making memories for yourself and for others. Your time is priceless; stop giving it away to a greedy corporation.

This article is for informational purposes only. This is what has worked for my life and may not work for those reading. Please consult a professional before making any critical decisions


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