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If you can't afford a KOL, use key people

by Daniel Lindsey 2 months ago in business
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The methodology of Internet operation master

In China, we all have the experience of "relying on others to do things". In fact, the person we ask is a key person in the matter itself. He has some voice, decision-making power and influence. In the age of social e-commerce, the power of key people cannot be underestimated.

Speaking of key people, people's first reaction may be another popular term KOL (meaning key opinion leader). They are usually some famous big V, we media, a micro blog, a public account soft wide, often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Paying them wasn't the best option for our startup. The key person threshold is a little lower than KOL. It includes the top users in our user pyramid, as well as the small players who are active in the company's field. They are the potential companies that have not yet been commercialized, and even exist in our employees and partners, waiting for us to identify them.

Today, we will explain how to do key person marketing without or with less money from three aspects: "find key people", "build links" and "use key people well". This is also the embodiment of leveraged thinking.

First, let's look at how to find key people. In this step, you need to be careful, keen and have a good eye. Because this part of the people have not yet clearly marked price, there is no obvious number of fans to prove their influence, they usually meet the following three points of one or more points (1) will do content, (2) can circle fans, (3) can bring goods.

First, can do content. It means to write will express love to share, have their own unique views, can write ordinary users can not write out the evaluation post or trial report. For example, a small red book love to write skincare evaluation report of the ingredients of the party, may be a new skincare brand key person. The brand can give them a trial of the new product, satisfy this group of picky users, many users will be convinced.

Second, it can circle the powder. Her attitude towards life is desirable for relevant groups, and she has the constitution of circle fans. For example, a group of people follow his taste on his social media accounts and like to watch his daily life. If she likes our product, some soft implants, we can influence her fan base.

Third, bring goods. There is a kind of people will not write nor many fans, but active in the community, circle of friends friends, character can be trusted, have a greater influence on the purchase behavior of friends, she recommended things people are willing to buy. For example, some mothers are able to grow grass for others, and have a strong ability to carry goods, similar to what we now call KOC. This is someone who can help us with distribution.

The above 3 kinds of people may have been commercial KOL, do not have to demand, satisfy the same, can be collected into our key people library, do a good job of marking, in order to enable later.

So where do we find them? For example, like looking for seed users, we can search for the experts in our related fields on social media, such as Little Red Book, Hornet's Nest, Weibo, etc., and choose users who are not the main body of the company, have real fans, moderate fans, high proportion of original content and high fan interaction; Can also be induced by benefits, their side and friends around the circle of friends more than 3000 people dig out, hit the label, I once in order to do my new book promotion, please circle of friends more than 3000 people to give me a private message, I give them books, to lure the snake out of the hole, hit the label, can also be used in the future; And look out for people in your community who are active, opinionated, and have status.

One of my personal secrets is that when I'm looking for a key person in a field, I make myself a key person, and some parties or platforms will group, and I get to know a lot of people. For example, I got to know a lot of key people in the field of travel in the group of Horcella and the homestay trial group of Geometric homestay. For example, when I participated in the distribution of products such as Chaos University and Operation Research Society, I got to know many key people in the field of knowledge payment. Another example is when I participated in the distribution of K12 online courses, I got to know many key people in the parent-child field.

In fact, it is not difficult to find them, whether through the introduction of talent around you or social media mining, the key is to use what kind of posture to start the cooperation with them. How to lift, to build a connection with the key person?

I would advise against jumping into the conversation and saying what you want people to do for you. Why should anyone else, right?

First of all, we should sort out our company's concept & values, selling points of products, or attraction points of activities, and then match the demands of the other party. People who have any influence these days take care of their feathers. We need to figure out if our swap can match the key person's tonality, without embarrassing him. When I was trying to find a key person for a travel company, I would try to impress them with the company's philosophy, values, and founder's story. I said that our founders had been holed up in Dali for a year, talking to hundreds of travelers and doing research. The idea was to create a travel brand for young people, to abandon the traditional travel agency and take users to places where we would only take friends. That said, a lot of talent will find this matter very meaningful.

Second, daily maintenance should be mindful, purposeful not too strong, become friends first. Nowadays, many companies are consciously protecting key people. I have observed that during the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, some key people in my circle of friends always receive a lot of gifts, and I also receive some myself. But some gifts are not very new, let a person send circle of friends are not enough power, can not leave an impression. If we are more careful, for example, the customized package has its own name, profile picture, interesting copy and so on, the key person will carefully take photos and then post a separate moments and Weibo, the brand's thoughts will not be wasted.

Third, it directly contributes to the experience. It's best to invite key people to experience your product or service directly. If you are confident in yourself, be sure to facilitate their direct experience. That way, when they post a scrunchie later on, it will look relevant, authentic, persuasive, and empathetic, not just helping turn an AD.

Having said that, how do we use key people when it comes to crunch time?

One of the most common ways to reach out to key people is to ask them to post posters on their moments, so what's the best way to do that? One is to try to make it relevant to the key person, such as her opinion or image on the poster, such as her name on the invitation. She felt respected and motivated to share more; Second, you had better think about the copywriting in moments. The selling point is directly related to the opening rate of the poster. He may not have so much energy to explore the selling point of the activity, and you know it best.

The other way is to let key people experience it and post a graphic report on their social media accounts. What can be done better? Don't let the key person experience a "standard product," that is, an undifferentiated service or product that anyone can buy on the open market with a price tag. Make him feel privileged. Do a home stay facility, for instance, the boss often invited to experience, if people enjoy is the room where several hundred yuan to thousands of pieces, all people can book on ctrip, that not enough attractive, if designed "one day return to the countryside", or "villagers experience host day", it will be a lot more fun, share a stronger desire to key people, The resulting material will also be more attractive, transformational and able to grow grass for fans.

Finally, the most simple and brutal is to share CPS sales with profit points to promote. In the era of universal distribution this approach has become more accepted, most commonly in the area of knowledge payment. For example, if I listen to a good class, share it in my moments, and the people who click on it buy it, I will get a reward of 15% to 50%. We also have a distribution mechanism for this audio class. For this key group of people, what we can give is a higher percentage of rewards than the average person. In addition, we can focus on empowering them and teaching them to sell better, like an operational exercise. Finally, real-time influencer rankings also provide an incentive for key players to flex their muscles.

Well, that's it for today. Let's review:

We learned what key people are, how to tap into them, how to connect with them, and how to use them when it matters.

In the era of decentralization, everyone can influence a part of the people around them. The brand side should unite the majority of key people, which is a power that can not be underestimated. We operators also strive to become a key person in a field, it will be more conducive to us to link other key people.


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