Ideas for Your First Blog Post!

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Ideas for First Blog Posts

Ideas for Your First Blog Post!

So, you've finally done it! You got your blog up and running! After hours and hours of trying to get that first page exactly how you want it, you hit publish! And then you realize... What the heck am I going to write about?! What will my first post be about? Just like my home page, my first post has to be perfect! The first readers on my site are going to be reading this post. I gotta wow them.

While it is true that having a good landing page and good first post would be nice, they don't have to be perfect. If you look at my blog, I don't even start with a landing page. I just go straight into content. And that's the one thing your blog is missing right now. Content.

What do you do for your first blog post? Lets look at a few good ones and see if you find one you like.

1) An All About Me / Facts

I think this is the one I chose to do. For me, I wanted to be able to connect with my readers early on, so I gave them an all about me post. You can do this in the form of paragraphs, or list form like I did (24 facts about me) of course you can change the number to however my you feel necessary to make a good post though.

2) What Your Blog is About

This is like an all about me, but for your blog. Introduce people to your blog essentially. Tell them what you'll post, when you'll post, how you came up with them idea, experience you having working with the topic (I.e. I've been crafting since I've been 7, I've been in the photography business for three years now... Whatever the case my be.) etc etc. Anything to get them an insight on your content, and maybe even the knowledge and experience you have with the topic.

3) Post Your Own Work

What I mean by that is going off of the experience part in the last point. Is your blog about crafting? Make a blog about pictures of your crafts. Are you a photographer? Show your best photography. Make it like a portfolio. Advertise your skills to your first readers. If they are impressed enough, they might come back. "Stick around and I'll do a tutorial on these crafts." "If you like my photography, call me to book your slot now!" Advertise yourself!

4) Just Dive Right In!

Don't have pictures of work? Maybe you're a car blog or a health and wellness blog... Who knows? Maybe you don't have pictures to show off. Or maybe you think into introducing yourself is for the About page that people will go to if they really care about the person behind the blogs- whatever it may be if those aren't your style? Just jump right in to your content and start with your topic! People will love it anyway.

Here's the thing. Blogging is a straight learning experience. Its a trial and error and it always will be. And I know putting yourself out the onto the world wide web for the first time can be a scary thing. But just like with creating your blog and just getting it up and running- it doesn't have to be perfect. It's not going to be perfect. You're learning. Your first post will most likely not dazzle your readers and guess what—that's okay. You're just starting out and the single most best way to improve (see I've been writing for how long and I still can't even create perfect sentences!) is to start. You didn't hop up out of the hospital bed, first born, walking and talking right? (At least I know I didn't!) You took baby steps till eventually you improved. Every other skill in your life is the same- and blogging is no different. You'll fail, but fail fast so you can start to succeed! So stop worrying about if Comic Sans or Times New Roman is a better font and just hit publish! You'll thank me later :)

And good luck!

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Sarah Russell
Sarah Russell
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