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I Started My Own Aircraft Dealership - LookUp Aviation

by Mike Ojo - MojoGrip 17 days ago in business

It’s a major undertaking, but the ball is already rolling and my partners and I are very excited!

With this dealership, there are some problems in the civil aviation market that my partners and I want to address. From more modern technology to build-it-yourself kits, there is so much available these days. We’re aiming to normalize this side of the market and make it all available in a one-stop shop.

We are also aiming to improve training and career development. From pilot training to A&P mechanic training, we want to provide a place where people can work with modern technology and machinery as they train for different careers in aviation.

Today we're going to talk about selling airplanes. Guys if you don't know me from my channel, MojoGrip, I'm an aviator and recently I launched my own aircraft dealership. As a matter of fact, it was launched earlier this year but I didn't announce it until recently. If you guys want to see that video you can see it here or just check out MojoGrip, my other sister channel. Now, why did I start an aircraft dealership? That's one of the questions that even I had to ask myself but I'm going to give several reasons here.

Airplanes or selling airplanes is a totally different ball game than anything else. For somebody like myself who is knee-deep in the aviation community, I think the vantage point that I have is being able to see some of the problems, or not so much problems, but things that I feel like can be done more efficiently.

Number one, to make a whole lot of money.

I need to make-- I'm kidding guys. There's no money in this. I promise you, as a matter of fact, the saying in aviation is, "To make a million dollars you first have to spend $2 million."

I didn't get into this to make a lot of money. As a matter of fact myself and my partners, we've already estimated that this first year we're going to lose a bunch of money. That's because really in this project or this part of our life, we want to be able to fix some glaring problems. I say that because I recently purchased a kit to build an airplane and the process was awesome. It was a great learning experience and part of what I want to do.

Part of what I wanted to do with that experience was one, to introduce the world to this side of aviation that I feel like it's hidden. It's a very niche thing and I wanted to introduce the world to that and for them to see like, "Oh, wow. You can actually professionally build a safe airplane and go fly". Myself and my partners all went through a similar process. We bought a kit, we built the plane and now we all fly our planes. We go from state to state, it's a beautiful business machine.

Number two, lack of technology.

One of the biggest problems in aviation or more generally civil aviation is that we lack technology, and we're very far behind when it comes to advancements with all of these flying machines. I'll give you an example, most small airplanes that you see use what's called a piston engine, one engine. When you look at the technology in these planes, even the designs, they're at least 50 years old. You think of some of the most popular brands like the Beechcraft, the Maloney's, Cessna Pipers.

These are some names that are staple names in civil aviation. You look at a Cessna 172 today and you look at Cessna 172, 50 years ago, no different. They are no different, they're using the same engine or similar engine. What you would get maybe is a nicer cabin. When you think of the machine itself, the airframe, the engine, how the engine works, how the plane flies, it's pretty much the same. Now I understand, don't fix what's not broken or keep it simple. I understand that, but guys we're in 2021.

Normally when you're looking to buy a car you can call a dealership and you go for a test drive. Now obviously depending on what brand of car that you get, you get different customer experience but there's some level of convenience that comes with the process. They're even online platforms now, like Vroom, where you can purchase a car with the click of a button and it gets delivered to you. Talk about convenience. That's one of the things that I would love to bring to the aviation community and why I started my own dealership, to make the process a lot more streamlined and convenient for people who are looking to purchase or sell their aircraft.

Number three, tricky training market.

To me another of the biggest problems that we have right now is the training market. Getting my pilot's license was an experience on its own. Right now when you look around the country, the training process or flight training schools are very micro. They're more mom-and-pop shops. You would get different experiences depending on where you are in the country. Most of these flight schools run very old airplanes. I mentioned the 50-year old Cessnas. Guess what? If you go to a flight school today, chances are that's what you're going to be learning in.

In my crazy world, what I would love to see is more modern brand new machines that are being used at flight schools instead of 50-year-old planes that have 100-year-old technology. Think about it, especially for somebody who says they are training to actually become a professional pilot or they're training to become an airline pilot. When you get to the airlines you're not flying old beat-up planes, generally speaking, you're flying state-of-the-art machines with glass avionics and everything that's nice and modern.

Now imagine training in something that's 50 to 100 years old only to get all the way up to flying something modern. Now I understand, It's much more expensive when you buy a brand new plane compared to a 50-year-old Cessna or Piper. We're figuring out a way to help solve their problem, where we can provide brand new modern airplanes to flight schools at a fraction of the cost.

Number four, lack of career visibility in the aviation industry.

This is the last problem that I hope to help solve with my aircraft dealership, I wanted to go big or go home with this thing. Another aspect of aviation that doesn't get talked about often is the A&P mechanic field. Now if I asked you right now what an A&P mechanic is, some of you who are not aviators will probably not know anything about A&P mechanics. That's because it's not as glamorous as being a pilot or flying an airplane. A&P mechanic is basically an aircraft mechanic.

Generally speaking, you don't even have these career choices at your normal school, and it's something that doesn't get talked about often, but guess what? It's a legitimate career where you can earn a great living. It pays well and you don't even need to be in school for that long. I believe you only need two years of proper school and to get your A&P certificate. With our dealership we're also bringing people in to train them, and that way they can use that skill and go build a great career for themselves. I would love to bring other careers within aviation to the forefront that are not necessarily being a pilot. You can become an Air Traffic Controller, you can become an A&P Mechanic, you can just become an aircraft builder if that's what you want to do. These are things that I would love to attack and that we're currently attacking with my dealership and why ultimately I wanted to jump in this pool.

Now like I said it's going to be a lot of work, I already see that it's a lot of work. It's one that I'm truly excited about and I really hope that we're able to do something amazing with this. Guys the website for my dealership is You can reach out there if you're interested in building an airplane or even if you're interested in being a part of what we're doing.

We have our hanger in North Carolina and the ball is already rolling. Now all of these problems that I listed that we're trying to solve, it's not a day thing, it's not a month thing, it's not even a year thing, it's a continuous progress. I hope you all wish me luck! I'm very excited about this and I'll be sure to give you guys an update on what's going on with it soon. In the meantime, I just wanted to tell you why I decided to do this. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Also, make sure you subscribe if this is your first time.

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