How to Write Blog Posts That Rank Well

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Following these basic rules will help to gain more popularity among the thousands of posts available on the Internet.

How to Write Blog Posts That Rank Well

Nowadays, with the development of social media, more and more people tend to write their thoughts, which they want to be read by a broader audience. There are millions of blog posts on thousands of topics in which readers are interested. To write the blog post which will attract the attention of the readers, it is necessary to know the key tips on how to write blog posts that rank well. Following these basic rules will help to gain more popularity among the thousands of posts available on the Internet. Another option is to apply to one of the cheapest essay writing services and order a blog article from an expert writer.

The main thing that determines the structure and style of writing is the type of blog post. The number of types is also variable. Among the most widespread are the following blog posts: news articles, “how to?” posts, entertaining, lists of something, reviews of the latest books or films, and posts about famous people.

In the contemporary world, people get used to consulting the Internet concerning all the issues that they face in their everyday life. That is why the most widespread type of blog post is "how to?" posts, which try to provide readers with clear instructions on how to do exact things or manipulations. They always offer interesting and unusual life hacks, which enjoy wide popularity among Internet users because of the effectiveness of these pieces of advice. Also, people consult the Internet when they do not know what book to read or film to watch. The list blog posts become extremely helpful in such situations. In the majority of cases, they offer the top 10 list of the best films or books with their small description, which can attract the attention of the readers. However, not only movies and books comprise the list of such posts. There are dozens of lists which review the best articles, Internet publishings, video games, mobile applications, or searching engines. To cut a long story short, this list is endless. Those people who are interested in the life of celebrities or other famous scientists, athletes, or innovators can look through the posts about personalities. The news blog posts look through the latest news in business, politics, and other spheres, and suggest their analysis based on the available information. Each of the categories of the news has its audience. Young categories of the population are often engaged in searching for entertaining blog posts, where they can read funny anecdotes, stories from life, or hypothetical situations. Thus, the number of blog post types is countless, but all the blog posts should be appropriately structured in order to be popular among the targeted audience.

To write an interesting and informative blog post is not an easy task. That is why one of the most widespread questions in the searching tools is how to write blog posts that rank well. Those who understand the importance of the information representing style try to follow the key principles of blog post structuring.

First of all, an effective blog post should have a catchy headline in order to immediately catch the attention of readers. The headline should not be too long and too short. Approximately six words in the headline are considered to be the best length. If the readers of the post cannot get the essence of the article just by looking at the header of it, the article is written wrong. Headers should be descriptive enough in order to give the readers at least a hint on what the article is about. In the majority of successful articles, the header is followed by the hook, which motivates the readers to read the article to the end. There are only three to five seconds to pull the readers' interest. In case the article is not impressive, after these seconds, the readers press the back button and continue their search. That is why the catching header and opening sentence are of crucial importance.

Also, it is important to use pictures. An attentive reader of blog posts can notice that many posts start with the image in the right, upper corner. It is generally accepted that visual materials determine the success of the article. But there is the other reason as well. Starting the post with the picture reduces the width of the lines and makes the text easier for initial perception. Thus, the post is readable and enjoys more views from the readers. In such a way, psychology plays here an essential role.

Often, the blog post should be credible and be written by a respectable author who is an expert in the topic he or she is writing about. Hardly a doctor can write an article about the economic situation and, vice versa, the economist will not be able to write about the epidemic of flu in the region. Readers should feel the authority of the author. It is like the situation that I had a chance to observe while training at the gym. Once, I saw a 60 kilos beginner tried to give his piece of advice to the 100 kilos, well-muscled athlete concerning the performance of the exercise because he saw it on the Internet. It seemed very selflessly and funny. The same is with the writing of blog posts. It is better to use expert's opinions and even use quotes throughout the text. Or, it would be great to use links to other, reputable websites. Then, the information will be perceived as more credible where some research was involved.

Despite the fact that it is advisable for the writers to use expert opinions, it is also necessary to hear the personal voice of the author. He or she should represent a useful and actual topic, which corresponds to the requirements of time and readers. The author should provide their own analysis of the situation or the information, which was represented in the other source.

When writing a blog post that ranks well, it is necessary to remember about its structure. An appropriate structure of the text makes it readable and more informative. The blog post is not a scientific text, and it should catch the attention of the readers throughout the text and avoid making it boring. The proper organization of the text includes the creation of the keyword-rich heading. Also, it is necessary to use subheadings to make the text more readable and allow readers to skip from one subtopic to the other.

And the final thing I would like to mention is the necessity to remember that all the blog posts are writing on the Internet. And to find it, it is necessary to use search engines such as Google. For this, it is better to use enough number of keywords. Also, the longer texts are more likely to be found by the search engine. If all these requirements are followed, the text will be read by a broader audience who are active users of the Internet.

As it can be seen, to write the blog post that ranks well is a science with its principles, requirements, and pitfalls. The writing style and content are determined by the type of blog post and targeted audience which is expected to read the article. The organization of the text should attract the attention of readers and provide informative material. Among the most important characteristics of a successful blog post are the catchy headline, use of pictures, an appropriate structure, currency of topic and its usefulness, and a personal but respectable voice of the author. Only then is it possible to expect that more Internet users will read the post and enjoy it.

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Thornie Longmuir
Thornie Longmuir
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