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How to Transfer Quickbooks From Old Computer to New Computer?

Transfer Quickbooks From Old Computer to New

By MasonoliviaPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Many people change our computers every few years. There could also be multiple reasons for that, for instance, better configuration, faster speed, extra space, and so on. While moving normal data like videos and pictures is easy for all people – a couple of things like transferring QuickBooks accounting software to your new computer could also be tricky. This blog post is crafted to require you thru the method of moving QuickBooks Desktop from one computer to a different one with the license and without losing any crucial data.

What all does one got to move QuickBooks Desktop to another computer?

You would need to make sure the following things for performing the method of transferring QuickBooks to a new computer:

  • You'd need to register for the software after the installation, thus confirm that your new computer is connected to the web.
  • You'd require a storage device to store your QuickBooks Desktop files.
  • Keep your license and software registration details on the brink of saving time.
  • Keep your QuickBooks software installation disk or the setup file stored on an external device.
  • Create a backup of all of your QuickBooks company files.
  • Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop from the old system.

Transfer QuickBooks desktop to a new computer with the assistance of Migrator Tool

  • In case the user has to reinstall or move the QuickBooks desktop to a new system, it may be done by using either the Migrator tool or by taking out a manual process. The user can perform the transfer of the software into two parts.
  • The important point to think about here is that to use the Migrator tool, the user will require to be the company admin.

How the does Migrator Tool works?

The user will need to create a complex password to unlock everything copied to the new system. It should be noted that this password is used once and only by the Migrator tool. Also, make a note of the password, to avoid losing it.

  • Then, the tool will copy up to the last 3 company files opened to a USB flash drive
  • The user ought to use the flash drive for moving the files, but all technical work is performed by the Migrator tool
  • The Migrator tool will download the correct version of the QuickBooks desktop to another system and sets it up with the files
  • It should be noted that the tool wouldn’t reformat the drive or erase any of the other files

What you’ll need?

  • The user will need to have the new system connected to the web
  • A USB flash drive with enough free space is also required to carry the QuickBooks files. The tool will tell the user the free space required. It'd be approximately between 150 and 250 MB.
  • Steps to set up and use the Migrator Tool in QuickBooks

    Following are the fast steps to set up and use the migrator tool to move or reinstall QuickBooks Desktop on a new computer:

    Part 1: Perform the subsequent steps on your old computer:

  • Log in to your computer as an administrator.
  • Attach the USB drive to the pc.
  • Move to QuickBooks Desktop and click on the File menu then choose the Utility option.
  • Select Move QuickBooks to a new computer.
  • Click I’m Ready then set a powerful password.
  • Now copy all the files that require to be moved to the new computer and paste them into the USB drive.
  • Remove the USB drive after the files are moved.
  • Part 2: Perform the subsequent steps on your new computer:

    • Attach the USB drive to your new computer and wait until the QuickBooks Migrator tool automatically appears.
    • Then open the flash drive to look at its files. If the tool doesn't appear automatically, click the Move_QuickBooks.bat file in the USB drive to begin the migrator.
    • Now enter the password you chose while moving files on the old computer.
    • Click the let’s go option and permit the tool to complete the QB migration task.
    • Now, await the Migrator Tool to complete. Once the installation is accomplished, open QuickBooks on your new computer.

    Point to be noted: The migrator files will get deleted on their own from the USB flash drive, once you're done. However, the QuickBooks files are present on the system. It's recommended to rename the name of the files on the old system to avoid any further mess.

    • Then move to the assistance tab and click on Register QuickBooks.
    • Enter all the mandatory details like a telephone number, zip code, and license key to finish the registration.

    Things to try and do post mobbing QuickBooks to the new computer

  • You'd need to log in to all the services like QB Payroll and Intuit Data Protect again to use them.
  • Just in case you have more than one company file, use the USB drive to copy that to your computer.
  • Ensure to stay a backup of company file data on the present computer.
  • We hope you'll transfer your QuickBooks Desktop to another computer by the above-provided steps during this article. You'll face some issues while transferring QuickBooks to the new computer or later. If that happens, you'll reach our 24×7 QuickBooks enterprise experts for quick and precise assistance.

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