How to Teach Writing: 4 Methods for Generating Writing Ideas

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Any writer has had a moment in his writing journey when he felt completely out of ideas. “Writer’s block” is a very normal phenomenon and it can affect even the most experienced writers. There are moments when they have to write something and simply inspiration doesn’t come. It is not easy to call inspiration and write all the time the most amazing content pieces. However, for writers, it is vital to be able to generate ideas and create engaging articles. Writing is generating income for them. So, they need to find methods to help them generate writing ideas. This article is going to some of the most effective ways to help writers find their inspiration.

How to Teach Writing: 4 Methods for Generating Writing Ideas

4 Methods for Generating Writing Ideas

1. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a method which most writers are very familiar with. Whenever they receive a topic for their next piece of content, brainstorming helps them generate a list of examples related to the respective topic. What is more, brainstorming is an activity which can be also exercised in the group. There are many writers who prefer to meet other writers and create a list of topics during a brainstorming session. During a brainstorming activity, no idea is wrong. Especially when it is practiced in a group, even though some ideas are not very related to the topic in scope, they can be a good starting point for future ones. Furthermore, brainstorming challenges a writer’s brain to come with the best examples and ideas to create a unique article. However, is possible that this method won’t generate ideas from the first attempt. This is why the writer shouldn’t give up and keep exercising until he finds his inspiration.

2. Create a list of questions.

This is a method which is often used for content creators who need to produce blog posts for various companies. Even though they have done their research on the brand and know what is the target audience, they still might get stuck when it comes to generating ideas. Therefore, a very effective method to use is creating a list of questions on the topic and try to find answers for them. On top of that, if the list of questions doesn’t come easy, the best source of inspiration is the FAQ page. Every site has an FAQ page where writers can find some of the most frequent questions their readers might have. So, this is a good starting point which can generate a lot of interesting ideas. Based on the questions addressed by the business owner in the FAQ page, any content writer can come up with topics which will then turn into engaging articles.

“The FAQ page is a goldmine for any content writer. Each question can become a topic idea. Usually, the answers on the FAQ page are very short and basic. Therefore, some readers might need additional information. Creating an article for each question is the best thing a writer can do. He will provide complete information for the readers and increase the website’s conversion rate,” says Michaela Williams, editor at

3. Idea Mapping

Most of the times, writers list their ideas in paragraphs, or they create a short list with the main examples that come to their mind. However, even though it might help them, this method is not always the most effective. Some writers count on maps and diagrams to help them immediately see the relationships between ideas. Thus, once the map of ideas is ready, it becomes easier for them to follow the right path and create amazing content. Creating an idea map is not difficult at all. The steps are the following:

  • The main topic should be placed at the center. This is the focus point from where the writer should start generating ideas.
  • Whenever an idea comes to the writer’s mind, he should draw a line connecting it to the main topic.
  • Moreover, when a new idea is related to one of the “subtopics,” then it should be connected to the respective example.
  • Any idea that comes to the writer’s mind should be connected with the related topic on the map.
  • Once the writer has exhausted all the ideas and examples, he will obtain a drawing with all the answers to his questions. It will become easier to create a structure for his article.

4. Best Place and Time for Inspiration

Not all the writers will find their inspiration by just sitting at their desks. On the other hand, there is no established rule mentioning when it’s the right time to write an article. Each writer has a different place and time where he finds his inspiration. Moreover, not all the topics can be written in the same place or at the same hour. Therefore, writers should be encouraged to be mobile and flexible. When they feel that no idea comes to their mind, they can go out and write in the park or in a café, surrounded by people who might inspire them. Furthermore, if a writer feels that he is more inspired very early in the morning or late at night, then he should do it. What better satisfaction can be to start the day and finish one of the most complicated articles?

Once the piece of content is ready, the best thing a writer should do is to read it out loud. In this way, the writer immediately notices whether the article needs improvement and if there are any grammar or spelling errors that he missed. The methods outlined above will help any writer, professional or a beginner, generate ideas and produce interesting pieces of content for their readers. On top of that, whenever a writer starts creating a piece of content, he should always have the reader in his mind.

Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith
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