How to Succeed in a Job Interview

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Just Some Tips You May Find Useful

How to Succeed in a Job Interview

Learning how to succeed at job interviews is certainly the first step to accomplishing your life. A lot of candidates who are effectively prepared for a certain role can’t get it because they can’t communicate their knowledge. This could happen for many reasons...

Is this the right job?

Before starting to prepare yourself for the interview, you should be sure that the role you would like to apply absolutely fits you, as this will prevent you from wasting time. Is this the right job according to your title? Could this job limit your options?

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”


Do your homework.

Firstly I suggest knowing as much as possible about the company you’re going to work for in order to understand their needs. This shouldn’t be too difficult nowadays thanks to the internet, (what an amazing tool it is!) and it will show your interest.

Then you’ll have to be prepared to answer at some commons questions, doesn’t mean you have to decide exactly what you’re gonna say word by word of course... but just have a general idea of what you might be asked. This will make you feel more confident and your interviewer will notice that. You could also think about some questions to ask your interviewer, the right question can be decisive in showing how smart you really are and impress your potential employer.

“Don’t wish for it, work for it!”

Know yourself.

This may sound obvious, but can be the most difficult thing for someone... besides knowing as much as you can about the company, you have to be sure to know yourself. Why do you want this job? Why they should hire you? What is your potential? What are your weaknesses? If you don’t know how to answer those question how do you expect to be able to describe yourself and to show you are worth it?

The first impression lasts.

Your appearance is another important thing you should care about, choose what to wear carefully, avoiding brightly colored clothes. Of course, depending on the job you’re applying for. Your first impression is also determined by the body language you adopt, be sure it conveys confidence, try to maintain eye contact and don’t forget a good handshake!

Answer your questions with a professional attitude, but also showing how excited you are about the position you’re offered.

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

Act natural.

It is essential to have a natural behavior—pretending to be someone you’re not won’t take you anywhere and everyone would see it anyway. Show who you are with humble but also be proud of yourself and don’t forget that you have potential. You don’t need to be someone else, you need to be the best version of you to make them remember you are unique and that’s why they need you.

Show gratitude.

After the interview, don’t forget to send an e-mail of thanks for the time that was granted you, including your good impression on the company. It is very important to display your gratitude.

Keep going.

In the end, regardless the outcome of your interview, remember it’s always a helpful experience for your self-improvement that should not limit you in any way, and even if it seems banal to say, nothing can stop you from doing what you really want.

“Keep going until you’re proud!”

This is your life, never let anybody get through your way

So those were all my advice for a job interview, hope you find it useful!

Good luck!

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