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How To Search For A Job That Won’t Cause Burn Out

by Alexander Richardson 12 months ago in interview
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How To Search For A Job That Won’t Cause Burn Out
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In today’s job market, it’s beyond exhausting trying to find a job in any field. Putting your resume on websites only to receive spam emails about more job opportunities. Applying for a job with a good resume and cover letter, only to hear nothing back or get told the position has been filled already. Searching for a job is already an exhausting process. Because of this, people tend to ignore for the position they’re applying for and will take anything that they can get. It’s important to remember that the job you get can end up exhausting you more than the searching process. Here are some ways to avoid being overwhelmed at your new job.

1. Understand your responsibilities

Whether it’s with your supervisor or the hiring manager during your interview, it is essential to understand what your responsibilities are in your position. Don’t just go off of what’s written down on the jobs website, make sure to ask people questions about what you’re going to be doing and what to expect while working. Not only will it prevent you from being surprised on the job, but it’ll also show managers that you are attentive and are willing to learn and grow while working.

2. Clarify your schedule

There’s nothing worse than thinking that you’ve got the day off, but your boss calls you and asks why you’re running so late for work. That’s a bad look, especially as a new hire. Make sure you clarify your schedule with your supervisor before you officially begin work. There’s nothing wrong with being the one to reach out first if there are any misunderstandings. It’s great to make sure that you’re able to work around the schedule as well. If you can’t, try to work something out with your supervisor, but if you can’t do that, it’s best not to take the job. There’s no use in taking a job where you wake up early and come home late, working five to six days a week. It’ll be better to find a job with a flexible schedule for new hires, with more hours being available in higher positions. Self-care is always a priority, no matter the job.

3. Read reviews thoroughly

Making sure that your place of work is well received is a great precautionary step to take. The reviews of past employees can save you the trouble of wasting your time at a terrible job. Whether it’s the management, the employees, or the unreasonable hours, a couple of quick google searches can save you from putting time and effort in a job that was never worth it to begin with. Any job with three stars or lower is usually a red flag of a bad work space. Don’t be afraid to hold a place of work to your own standards. Bad work place environments won’t hesitate to take advantage of their employees.

4. Ask for help

No matter how much experience you have, every company, restaurant, or office operate differently. It will make your life much easier if you reach out to supervisors and managers that know the work environment. They’ll be able to clear up any confusion you have and will make you feel like a part of the team as best you can. You’ll also start bonding with co—workers sooner rather than later. Overall, don’t be afraid to reach out. All of your co—workers are there to help you, not watch you fail and get fired. Unless you keep eating their lunch on break, then you’re on your own. Don’t let a heavy sense of pride be your downfall.


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