How to Save Money Around the House

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Saving cash on everyday expenses

How to Save Money Around the House

How to Save Money Around the House

Save Money on Electricity

With prices unstable and always increasing, electricity can be one of your biggest monthly outgoings, but by making a few small changes you can make a huge difference to your bill.

Cooking with an electric oven is great, they cook evenly and predictably, but they are also a huge energy guzzler, try bulk cooking meals and freezing them, it will save you so much energy next time because all you will need to do is defrost and reheat.

Use the residual heat of electric ovens and hobs to cook the last part of your meals, turn the oven off 10 minutes before the meal is done and 5 minutes before anything on the hob is done. This might not sound like much but if you use the oven every day then you could save over an hours worth of electricity per week which saves you a great deal of money.

A full oven is a lot more cost efficient than an empty one, even if you are only cooking on one shelf, keep empty pans on another shelf to save yourself some money.

We all love our phones, but most of us leave them charging overnight which is totally unnecessary and can waste on average 4 hours of electricity per day! Charge your phone before you go to bed and then unplug it, you will not be using it during the night so you will lose virtually no battery and save yourself a whopping 28 hours of electricity per week!

Put your TV on timer, we are all guilty of falling asleep with the TV on, but the cost of running a TV is not cheap, so set your timer to go off after a couple of hours and you won’t feel so guilty because you woke up with the TV on the next morning!

If you cook every day then consider buying some energy saving cooking devices, these are not as expensive as you think and they will save you so much money over the year. If you don’t want to buy new then source them online or in charity shops and you will save even more cash! If you are only cooking one thing, using the main oven to do it is just about the least efficient way.

Fridges run on the same principle as an oven, only colder. A full fridge will be much more efficient and cost effective than an empty one. Even if you don’t have a lot of food to put in there, fill it with things such as body or face creams and bottles of water.

If you have electric heaters then you will know just how extortionate they are to run, always remember to close the door and curtains of any room you are in, and block up the gaps in the door, this will stop the heat escaping and prevent you from wasting money.

Unless your clothes are particularly filthy, there is no real need to put the washing machine on higher than 40 degrees, higher temperatures can often damage clothing and reduce its life, not to mention fade the fabric very quickly. The combination of the agitation, heat and powder is more than enough to clean your clothes.

Save Money on Heating

Most radiators seem to be placed by windows, I am not sure why as this seems to be the least efficient place to put them as so much heat actually escapes through the window. But you can reduce the amount of heat that is lost by simply sticking a sheet on tin/aluminium foil behind the radiator, this reflects the heat back into the room rather than having it go out of the window.

Curtains can also prevent heat from getting into the room, but don't tuck them behind your radiator as all this will do is heat up the curtains and cause a potential fire hazard. Lift up the bottom of the curtains and place them on top of the radiator or onto the window ledge. This will allow air to circulate and the room to warm up.

Block all the gaps in the doors, so much heat and money is lost through little cracks and gaps, buy or make some draught excluders to keep the heat and save some money.

Save Money on Water

Many people try to save water by putting a brick in their cistern, but this can be harmful to your plumbing as over time, small chunks o the brick will be eroded by the water and can potentially cause blockages. A safer and equally effective alternative is place a plastic bottle filled with sand and the lid on into the cistern. It works on the same principle of displacement so it will save as much money as the brick.

There are so many energy efficient gadgets that can be obtained for FREE just by searching for them. Many local councils give away energy and water saving devices to residents, a quick search will help you see what is available to you.

Turn the pressure down on your power shower, turning it down to medium from high will not make a great deal of difference to your shower, but it will make a great deal of difference to your bill.

Fill your washing machine every time you use it, it is better to fill it because not putting enough in can cause the bearings to come out of line. It will also prevent you wasting water by doing too many unnecessary loads of washing.

Adopting these few changes can help make a massive difference to your bill and leave you a little bit of extra money to spend on things you actually want!

Claire Raymond
Claire Raymond
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