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How To Restructure Your Business’s Finances

Finances: something no one likes to think about, but something that is crucial for modern living. This is all the more true when it comes to businesses whose primary goal is to make as much as possible. In order to make money, you’ll have to spend plenty of it, too, and there’s where the conflict starts for any business. Managing your company’s finances isn’t always intuitive, but it’s necessary if you want to succeed. Here’s what you need to know.

By Kari OakleyPublished 3 years ago 2 min read


The first part of improving your financial standing is to take stock of it. Keeping financial records is necessary for businesses for a few reasons, not least of which is that it can reveal weaknesses in your business model. This kind of insight is necessary if you want to create a cogent plan by which you can spend less, earn more, and keep a bigger profit for yourself. You’ll want to brush up on the basics of accounting for small business, for starters, but it’s far and away more integral to your company to hire an accountant. The importance of accounting can’t be overstated, and this matter requires the dedicated attention of a qualified professional.


Once you know all of the key statistics of your finances, you can start to plan around them. The idea behind a budget is to impose limitations in order to change the outcome in your favor, and that can be done in two primary ways. First and foremost, you should try to cut costs when and where you can, provided that they don’t allow for workplace hazards or a decline in the quality of products and services. The other major way that you can retool your finances is to simply earn more money to begin with. By creating a roadmap to reduced spending and increased earnings, you can begin to increase your financial security and, with it, the long term stability of your company.

Reducing Expenses

The “cost of doing business” is very real, and overhead costs are a necessary component of keeping the lights on and paying employees. While those expenses are typically necessary, there are also some that are not that can be eliminated from your business model. For example, printing is being phased out so that businesses can save money otherwise spent on printing while also implementing a “green initiative.” On the other hand, your supply chain is your life blood. That being said, you can shave a little bit off of the cost here and there by selecting the best suppliers for your business model. This will take some comparison and contrast among the various options in your area, but it will be well worth it when all is said and done.

Increasing Earnings

The other way that you can improve your profit margins is to improve your sales figures. Simply by earning more money, you necessarily keep more of it in the end. In order to boost your revenue, you will have to invest in quality marketing. Like hiring an accountant, however, this is the kind of job that’s best left to the pros. Outsourcing marketing has become standard practice across all industries, because dedicated professionals always produce more effective marketing materials, and this couldn’t be more important to the well being of your business as a whole. Brining in new customers is an important start, but good marketing needs to turn those one time customers into lifelong devotees of your brand. This is called “brand loyalty,” and it is the basis of a business with staying power.

Running your own company can seem like an uphill battle, and it certainly starts that way. However, the right mindset and the right information can help you shift the scales in your favor in a major way. These tips can help you keep your business afloat by first rethinking your finances and then making the necessary changes to keep your business from going bust before it gets a chance to get going.


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Kari Oakley is a fitness trainer from Kenosha Wisconsin. She now lives in downtown Chicago, and loves to get out. She is a big fan of anything adventure, and loves getting a workout in the outdoors.

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