How to Recover After Leaving Your Toxic Job...

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How to Recover After Leaving Your Toxic Job...

There are arguably many people in the world who want to leave their jobs, live on a beach, and sell coconuts for the rest of their lives. Some people have work environments so dire and so toxic that leaving is simply the only way to remedy the absolute nightmare that is their every day.

For those of you who are reading this that genuinely feel as though they’re in this situation, we see you, girl, and we’re here to make our best attempt at helping.

To us, having the ability to empower women with content, products, music, community, and whatever else we can think up is truly the best job in the world. But we know that not all of you in our #ReignGang have the ability to do something like this or something you love, and we know just how rough it can get.

Being honest here, many of us in the RW office have come from work backgrounds that can hold their own among the worst of the worst experiences. We’ve all seen some very strange, very dark times. So we get it, and you’re completely entitled to absolutely loathe any situation that makes you absolutely miserable.

The real question is not what happens if you quit, but what happens after you quit?

Any work-related trauma is still very much trauma, and every trauma we’ve ever experienced can be healed only at the hands of time and patience.

So, how on Earth are you to pick yourself up and start a new job when your wounds are fresh and your spirit is wilting?

Take Time Off Without Taking Time Off

Our biggest recommendation to anyone who’s transitioning from any job to another is to take time for themselves. If you can take time off for a week to simply get reconnected with yourself, sleep, eat, work out, get your mind right, etc., in my opinion, you’re in the best situation.

And in those days? Completely detach from all things work related. Instead, focus all of your undivided attention and exerted energy on yourself. Provide yourself with the utmost level of value that you can. You can do this in about a million ways, but we recommend the following:

  • SLEEP!!!!!!!!!! As much as you can for as long as you can. There is nothing more healing than sleep. Do it every chance you get!
  • Work out or get active. While none of us in this office pretend to be gym sharks or fitness gurus, we do stand by the healing and growth-related contributions that working out comes with. Even if it means going outside for 30 minutes and sitting in the grass or going for a 15-minute walk, trust us, you’ll know nothing more peaceful.
  • Write. Based on obvious indicators, we’re huge fans of any form of writing. There is such a pure and cathartic nature to writing things down in your own handwriting and keeping it for yourself. You never quite know what’ll come from your subconscious, and sometimes being faced with those things are the most healing and inspiring.
  • Do things that you’re actually good at. Toxicity in our work life can take a massive toll on our confidence. I mean, let’s get real. You spend significantly more time in your office, with your co-workers, doing all work-related things, than you do anything else. So if your vibes during those hours are inherently bad, your energy is also going to be inherently bad. While you’re transitioning, your confidence building is significant. It’s so important that when you go into this new role, you feel as comfortable with yourself as possible. Pick up old habits, hobbies, and things that you’re good at, let yourself feel good about them, and go into your new role with good energy.

All-in-all, the transition from negativity to positivity can be long and dark. It doesn’t necessarily have to be, though. When you put things into perspective, you’re moving away from the negative past and moving into a brighter and more promising new experience.

We celebrate you, girl, so you should celebrate yourself, too!

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