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How To Overcome Lower Back Pain Naturally?

How To Overcome Lower Back Pain Naturally?

By Olve SmithPublished 10 months ago 4 min read

The human body has several body parts to function well and be physically active but in the process, delicate body parts tend to get hurt or injured due to habits or accidents. Lower back pain is caused in the lumbar region of your back. When you keep straining and putting continuous pressure over the lower back portion below the rib cage, it causes severe lower back pain. It feels like a shooting sensation and makes your body unable to move or stand straight. Lower back pain in Sydney may be caused due to sudden heavy lifting or while playing sports. It can be treated with some natural effective treatments.

In this article, you will learn about the causes, ways to reduce back pain and natural treatments. Continue reading this article till the end to get effective tips on ways to overcome lower back pain.

- Causes of lower back pain

There are various causes of lower back pain and can be treated naturally with physical stretches or exercises. You should avoid or prevent back pain by working on some basic habits

● Bent back posture - The posture is the major reason for having severe back pain. You should get an adjustable chair while doing a long-hour job for back pain relief. When you sit with a bent posture unknowingly at a job for about 8 hours every day, it causes lower back pain.

● One-sided heavy bag - It is advised to carry a lightweight back and mostly prefer a back bag. Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder may strain the back muscle and cause lower back pain in your body.

● Workout with heavy equipment - Sometimes when you strain your body without any specialised trainer, lifting heavy equipment in the gym may cause muscle strain and put pressure on the backbone causing lower back pain.

The major back pain causes include herniated disc that weakens after a certain age and its bulginess puts pressure on spinal nerve roots. It causes lower back pain and may lead to serious issues.

-How can I reduce my lower back pain?

Reduce lower back pain through various physical activities, remedies and tips. You can follow useful techniques to get lower back pain relief to the maximum extent.

1. Workout for loose muscles - It is best to try loosening your muscles that get stiff and cause discomfort walking and standing properly. Some basic movements can relieve back pain. All exercises will not benefit you but the workout that aids in core strengthening will be perfect. Partial crunches, slow wall-sit exercises and swimming may be quite significant for lower back pain relief.

2. Reduce stress - Stress is quite harmful in multiple ways and affects the breathing procedure. It leads to strain on back muscles causing lower back pain. You should change your habits to get healthy and reduce stress. It may relieve lower back pain in a considerate and proper way.

3. Restorative sleep - You can reduce lower back pain through enough comfortable and sound sleep. When your body doesn't get enough sleep, it may feel tired resulting in unusual postures. While sleeping also you should keep your spine straight to avoid lower back pain through bent posture.

Hot or cold treatments are quite popular for treating such lower back pain. You can get hot baths in winter to get relief from severe pain. It is a temporary treatment and back pain can be restored to normal with assured rest.

- Should I stretch if I have lower back pain?

Do you know how to fix lower back pain and bring it to normal with minimal stretching exercise? You should stretch to reduce backaches as it may provide significant results. The yoga child’s pose stretch will help you to get rid of lower back aches. Stretching the piriformis muscle in the buttock, reduces stiffness and loosens the muscle to have an active body. You should stretch and twist the spine while sitting and increase mobility to get back pain relief.

- How long does it take for lower back pain to go away?

Short-term back pain can take a few days or weeks to restore to normal and chronic back pain takes about 12 weeks or longer that needs an experienced doctor to treat a patient with an underlying injury or cause.

- Is bed rest good for lower back pain?

Bed rest for about 2 days is best for acute lower back pain as your body needs some time off to take proper rest. You can minimise stress and strained body after tiresome work. But laying in bed for a long time and days will not benefit your body.


Overcome lower back pain by being gentle over your body and providing assured rest and sleep. You can recover naturally with above mentioned tips and instructions that are beneficial for your health.


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