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How To Make Stripe Account On Vocal Media To Make Money As a Creator

by Aamir Kamal 2 months ago in how to

You can now join Vocal Media as a creator and start earning money writing.

How To Make Stripe Account On Vocal Media To Make Money As a Creator
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How can Vocal help you make money writing? This is a complete guide for anyone who is living in Pakistan, India, Brazil, or Any middle-eastern or African countries. You can use this method to Join Vocal Media to make money as a writer. I have written a very similar article about Medium: How to Join Medium Partner program from almost any country? Through this method, a lot of people Join Medium as a writer who could make money on Medium through Medium Partner program and start earning. One of the writers made over $1500 and some are making thousands of dollars.

You can join the Vocal Partner program or sign-up for the Stripe express account and start publishing articles on Vocal and make money. Vocal Media is an alternative platform for Medium. Vocal Media pays for reads not for getting reads from people who are paying members like Medium. I have made over $170 till the time of writing this story. I am grateful that platform like Vocal Media and Medium exists because we could make a huge amount of money writing for Vocal. There are some writers on both these writing platforms that are making a huge amount of money writing on Vocal Media and Medium.

In this guide, we will discuss a step-by-step process to join Vocal Media as a creator from any country like Pakistan, India, Brazil, or any country. The process is straightforward, and you can join Vocal as a creator to make money.

Step#1: Make a Payoneer account:

This is very important. Without having a Payoneer account you can't go forward. Making a Payoneer account could help you get a virtual bank account in three countries; a virtual account in the US, From Germany, and in the United Kingdom. There are other companies that provide virtual credit cards but that will costs you some money and that is not recommended. Payoneer is an excellent company, and it works best for people living in Pakistan, India, Brazil, African and Middle-eastern countries.

For making a Payoneer account you need a bank account in your own country. If you don't have a bank account in your own country then you can't create a Payoneer account. When you create a Payoneer account, you have to wait for 3 to 5 days to create a Payoneer account. When your account is approved, you have to verify it by uploading your country citizenship documents. This is just for clearance purposes.

Virtual bank accounts provided by the Payoneer to those who want to connect Express Stripe

Once verified, now you can now start step#2.

Step#2: Make an Account on Vocal, Connect Stripe Express, and Start publishing:

Make an account on Vocal and then you have to connect your Stripe account. When you are done creating an account then you have to connect a Stripe account. Most people think that making a Stripe express account is like making a full-pledge Stripe account, which is completely wrong. Stripe express is used just for connecting a bank account with a company of reference.

The whole process of connecting your bank account Click on "Connect a Stripe" and select Germany and connect Payoneer European Union account. That's the whole process of connecting Stripe account with Vocal. The process is very simple. Also, note that you have to add your real information in Stripe boxes otherwise it will be a problem for you to verifying your account as you have to upload your original documents.

That's sit. Congratulations! your Stripe account is connected with Vocal and now you are a creator on the platform and start publishing articles. Your earning and views will be updated after 24-hours. You will be getting paid if you are earning is more than $35 (In case you aren't a Vocal+ member) and a $20 threshold if you are a Vocal+ member. You can get paid irrespective of time.

Some Tips to Find Success on Vocal Media:

  • One disadvantage of writing on Vocal Media is it is hard to get ranked on search engines because the site is new and because of the dot Media extension but if you writing really good articles then you could do better.
  • Don't just focus on getting traffic from Internally but try to focus on Search engine traffic as it will bring you traffic forever and there is a chance of growth. I am writing on Vocal for over 2-months and have made over $170 to the writing of this story.
  • Write long-form articles: The longer the article you write the better. You will find success in writing articles that are over 1,000+ words.
  • Write about everything you know: Just write more stories and write about every damn thing you know. This will make you more productive and when you write something, you never forget it.
  • Don't focus on just making money: Write quality articles and share them with your friends on Facebook and other platforms. Consider Vocal as a platform for writing articles and publishing your work online not just for making money online.

I hope this helps.

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Aamir Kamal
Aamir Kamal
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