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How To Make Money on Clubhouse? A Beginner Guide

by Aamir Kamal 7 months ago in social media

Want to monetize your Clubhouse following? We have discussed over 11 ways to make money on Clubhouse.

How To Make Money on Clubhouse? A Beginner Guide
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What is Clubhouse?

A clubhouse is a new invite-only social media app. It allows people to chat in real-time, share stories, collaborate, advertise, and share ideas off of each other using their voice. The app does not require a lot of other equipment. It gives us the social aspects by that feeling of being out of the social media and lives us with what we have always wanted- the real chats that feel more like face-to-face conversation offline. The clubhouse app is set apart by its inclusivity. The clubhouse is a hot spot. The restrictions on the invites only have ignited its interests among traders and business elites.

How to make money on clubhouse?

1. Investment

A lot of rooms in Clubhouse are chaired by celebrities, serial entrepreneurs, and investors. The rooms have names like MM BS Muhita and Sons 11-09-5 figures scaling on the round table- new move to biz ideas and opportunities. The agenda is looking to invest. The listeners are still motivated to seek advice on how to expand, market, and promote their businesses. The drawback is that the advice and feedback can be quite brutal. It is critical to be sober to handle the criticism and be prepared if planning to appeal to any investors

2. Create brand partners

This is by collaborating with others. After creating a room, it is definite that you are not the only one on the stage. Make partners with people who are in the same industry as you and have a larger following than you have. The game of this partnership is a sure one. This is because when your partners come on stage, their followers will definitely get a notification. After the notification, they are likely to jump into the room and follow you. There is where you are now able to showcase and sell your products. The networking rooms for entrepreneurs are many where you can propose by putting your hand up to be able to get up on stage and start your proposal or directly contacting open entrepreneurs directly.

3. Creating sponsored rooms

Creating a sponsored room in the Clubhouse is a big way for your club to sow the seeds of income. This is done simultaneously, forming a mutually beneficial partnership with businesses and organizations. A credible speaker easily gets sponsors from companies to create or attend a room where you are an expert on the panel.

4. Free club and paid club or membership

The Clubhouse is free forever for teams of up to 10 users. The clubs are aligned to interests like entrepreneurship, media, or sports. Club creators in the future will be able to charge a membership fee. Organizations on the free tariff still get unlimited entry to core features. So, in this, you will be able to enjoy networking for free unless you wish to upgrade to a paid club. So, if you add an 11th user you transition to Standard Plan where you pay a $10 user fee per month or $8.50 user per month if pre-paid yearly.

5. Speaking about what you are doing on stage

Add other moderators and bring people on stage. You can schedule a room or randomly spin up a room to be able to speak about what you are doing on the stage. Be sure to respond to their questions when they raise their hands.

6. Launch your product from the Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is social listening. Therefore, you can launch your product by following influential people in your industry. Keep tabs on your competitors, and stalk the categories related to your products and services.

7. Ask Me Anything and charge via CashApp

If you are an expert in your area. This makes money by the questions asked by clients on clubhouse then you get paid for the service after giving out the answers. The questions can be either personal or business. The clubhouse does not have the capacity to send and receive payments but some moderators have accepted payments by using payment services like CashApp.

8. Live notetaking in rooms

You can get hired by clubs to take notes for them. So, as one of the members, the clubs can hire you to take and compile notes for them as the chat proceeds. You then share the notes on the chart later.

9. Paid club memberships

This is done by creating brand partnerships. The club members pay for the service if they are more than ten. This could include microgrant programs.

10. Networking

The experts on the Clubhouse app such as small business owners, multimillionaire CEOs, technology experts, and celebrities that you can approach in their rooms. Many of them provide their other social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. Some go the extra mile to invite users to connect with them, send them direct DMs for tips and advice, or even offer job opportunities.

11. Becoming a panelist

Being invited on the stage is possible for any member, you can come in and go out from the chat rooms as you wish. Some of the discussions become a heated debate, therefore, not certain for everyone. These chat rooms are similar to zoom but without videos. You are required to be a panelist or raise your hand to join the stage speakers and be able to share your inputs. Having enough followers, you may be invited to a club room as a panelist and get paid for talking.

Other minor ways to make money on Clubhouse:

  1. ‘Entrance’ fee : The feature has not been configured yet but the creators are proposing giving moderators the ability to charge the attendee of the room.
  2. Tips : Tipping is not available yet but it might be possible soon through the clubhouse app. Tips are not guaranteed. This will depend on the value you have during the talk.
  3. Content creation : Writing clubhouse bios that can assist members to advertise their products or services and assist to ramp up their following is another possible earner for the qualified in copywriting.
  4. Getting grant : Reports from the founders are eager to introduce a grant program to support emerging creators on the app.

The Future and The Subscription Business Model on Clubhouse:

In my opinion, the subscription business model could be heaven for Clubhouse. The subscription business model is doing good for many companies like Onlyfans, Substack, and Medium so they might start offering subscription-based rooms to the creators. This could be life-changing for the creators. As naval Tweeted;

"Clubhouse is to podcasts as live concerts are to recorded albums"

This shows the power of using Clubhouse as an App for recording Live and chatting about new things happening around us.

How to get more followers on Clubhouse? To get more followers on Clubhouse, you need to better market your Room and have cool Clubhouse Bio ideas that could definitely help.

I hope this helps.

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