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How to Hire the Right Shopify Developer for Your E-commerce Business

Knowing how to hire a Shopify expert that matches your business needs can be great. But how can you find great Shopify developers for hire?

By ClixLogix TechnologiesPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Hire a Shopify Expert

Developing a great website can be a great way to make your presence known on the internet. This is why finding the right Shopify developers for hire can make a huge difference, which can be pretty visible. But how do you Hire a Shopify Expert?

Factors to Know to Hire a Shopify Expert


The mark of great Shopify developers for hire is that their portfolio should be stacked with all kinds of Shopify projects, especially for the e-commerce businesses that exist in your industry. Try to take your time and do your homework on their website for checking out the portfolio and write down everything that you liked and disliked about the same.

Also, try checking other things including the loading speed of the website, accessibility features, and functionality to better understand if they are the Shopify expert for hire that you have been looking for.

Great Communication Skills

Everyone likes to know the status of their project at all times and the progress of the same. Try avoiding contacting unresponsive Shopify developers for hire that usually take days or even weeks to respond to messages.

Once you hire a Shopify expert who's as good as they come, they will let you know what should you expect and what can be accomplished over the next week or month by setting milestones and a proper timeline.

Innovation is Key

Avoid the kind of developers that come up with cookie-cutter websites that have almost similar designs with little to no differences at all. Instead, try finding Shopify developers for hire that have come up with innovative and unique ways of designing their websites.

Reviews and Testimonials

Try to look for Shopify developers for hire who has a decent amount of reviews and testimonials from customers that feel satisfied after working with them. In case a developer has testimonials from businesses in the same industry as you that can be even better.

Post-Development Support

Even after the developer has set up the website in a perfect manner, a wide range of different issues can occur down the road. And since the developer is the only one who knows and understands how the website works, you would want them to be there for support and maintenance once the project is finished.


Find a developer that is more than willing to redo the project as long as the client feels happy. Such types of developers are rare to find, but they are worth the investment.

Key Tips for Hiring a Shopify Expert

What's the Budget?

This should be the first thing. Understanding how much you can afford to spend before you move forward with a developer is key. In a perfect world, you would be able to get everything you want within your budget that is available, but that isn't exactly the case.

Try deciding on a few features that you cannot do without, and then list the ones that would look great. This will make sure that the project covers all requirements in case you aren't able to get everything you wanted in the first place.

What's the Endgame?

It is pretty okay to not have all the details planned out, but having a slight idea about what you want the developer to do is key. How would you like your store to be designed? What sort of features and functions would you want? Are there any other queries that need solving?

Walking through a couple of examples of different online stores, the elements of which you would like to have on your website can help your developer immensely. Write all this down on paper so that you have all the talking points ready once you begin interviewing candidates.


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