How To Get Over Writer's Block

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How you can get past the dreaded writer's block.

How To Get Over Writer's Block

Anyone that writes anything on a regular basis knows exactly how frustrating writer's block can be. No matter how hard you stare at your screen, no words appear on it and you just can't get over it. And it is not just frustrating, if you write for a living it can be downright scary. Suddenly you forget how to do your job and no amount of concentrating seems to bring back this ability. Sadly, there are no guaranteed ways to get over writer's block, but there are things that can help stimulate your imagination and hopefully your creativity too.

1. Write in a Different Place

It doesn't matter where, as long as it is not where you normally write. If you can go to a different building altogether, such as a library, that is ideal, but if you can't then another room or even the garden will do. A change of scenery can stimulate the mind with new sounds, smells and sights and hopefully alleviate writer's block

I like the library, it's not that quiet where I live, but it forces me to write because otherwise I am just sat there staring into space like some sort of lunatic.

2. Sit Differently

Seriously, I know that it sounds crazy, but when I get writer's block, I change the way I am sitting, sometimes I will sit on the floor with my computer or pad on my chair, sit on the chair cross legged. I don't know why it helps but it really does.

Fidgeting around is movement, and movement helps stimulate the brain, so if you want to go one step further you could go and do some exercise, but remember you are still trying to write so don't forget to come back to the computer!

I am lucky enough to live near places like this

3. Go for a Stroll

This is particularly helpful if you live in a nice area with some pretty views, but even if you don't, taking time away from the computer can give you the space you need to clear your head. If you have a beach anywhere near you, go there, it is proven to be one of the most inspirational sights and is guaranteed to have at least some kind of impact on your writer's block.

When we are outside we are much more mentally stimulated than when we are inside. This is because there is so much more going on, things to look at, dangers to consider and events to witness. You never know, you might see something so interesting it might inspire you to get back to work. I once wrote a whole series of articles based on a Spanish couple I saw having an argument in the street, I had no idea what they were saying but just witnessing them gave me a creative nudge.

4. Look at Some Pictures

Even pictures of nice views will help you feel more creative and hopefully ease writers block, but any picture that you enjoy looking at will do. Glance at it now and then or take five minutes just to really appreciate it. It doesn't matter what picture it is, it could be of anything, but really focus on it, look at all of the little details.

An alternative thing to do with pictures is write a short story based on that picture and nothing else, you need to use the picture as your creative inspiration and not add any external factors. You will be surprised how much you are inspired when you have things to look at and draw upon.

5. Cut Out Distractions

Too much noise going on whether it is inside or outside can be a huge distraction and is one of the main causes of writer's block. Eliminate or at least reduce the noise by listening to something that will block it out. Ocean waves, white noise or falling rain are all very popular concentration aids as they block out external nose, leaving you able to focus properly.

There are video channels devoted entirely to study/work aids so you will not be short of things to choose from. My personal favorite is thunder, the low rumble seems to completely block out everything else.

6. Classical Music

Scientifically proven to help concentration, soothing classical music can help you focus. Choose pieces that are not too dramatic and have no words. I have actually had fun discovering new pieces when trying to find the right music to ease my writer's block.

My personal favorite pieces are Bolero and La Danse Macabre, I find them really soothing and the help when I am getting stressed due to writer's block too. But as I said, it is a personal preference.

7. It's Only Temporary

Sadly, there is no wand you can wave to simply eliminate your writer's block, but since it is a temporary slump in creativity, things that make you feel more creative are likely to help you. It doesn't matter what it is and how silly you feel or think you look, if it helps then you should go for it!

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